2018 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 27


School Christmas concerts are a part of our seasonal celebration. The grandson is a member of the advanced 9th grade men’s chorus at the high school. In this image, he is on the top row, center section, white shirt, next to the young man in the black shirt. Music is a great means of learning and telling the Christmas story in way that encourages, inspires, and transforms us into the holiday spirit.


In this image the grandson is on the first row center of image (yes, the tall one). Hanging around “The Big Guy” you would never know that choral music was an interest of his. It’s one thing we have in common. I sang in the school chorus from the seventh through the tenth grades. As you can probably tell, by this marathon, music is still an important part of my life.

The God of all creation has made the most wonderful gift of all available to us through the birth, death and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ. We can receive forgiveness for all of our sin and inherit eternal life and fellowship with God. Christmas is the celebration of that gift. The most precious gift that we can give God is our hearts. Have a blessed day.

8 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 27

  1. yogiabb

    We all know where your grandson gets his talent and good looks from right? You have to be proud.

    Another couple of great songs. Lots of work went into making this series of posts and I appreciate it.

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