Awe…some Mondays

Meanwhile, back at the track. Last Thursday was the first high school varsity outdoor track meet of the season. There is a lot going on at the same time during an outdoor meet, so it is nearly impossible to get photos of every event. I will try to photograph different events next time out and catch some of the same events from different angles.


Hurdles is always an interesting event. It takes speed, timing, and skill. I never liked having obstacles on the track when I raced, in the last century. Today’s tracks are paved with a type of textured asphalt, and if you trip and fall, you’re going to leave a lot of yourself on the track…literally.


One event that has captured my attention recently is the pole vault. This event requires some speed, very good timing and superior upper body strength. It is a very graceful sport when done correctly, but things can go very wrong in a hurry.


The relay races are always fun to watch, especially the shorter distances where the passing of the baton is just as important as the speed of the contestants. In the 4×100, each contestant runs 100 meters then passes the baton to a team mate. Two of the baton transfers take place on the corners of the track and many a race is won or lost in the second or final leg of the race. This event is best viewed from the stands where you can see all four legs of the relay. It’s best photographed in the corners where you get a real sense of the competition.

Track meets are long events. This one started at 3:30 p.m. and went well past 8:00 p.m. One reason for this lengthy time frame is that there are men and ladies competitions in nearly every event. I pulled my high school year book out and there were no female track athletes on my stone tablets. Times have changed and sometimes for the better. Have a blessed week.


9 thoughts on “Awe…some Mondays

    1. I’m still early in the learning curve, and I need to make an official announcement on Blogger, but I do like what I am seeing over here. It’s a little more complicated to navigate on mobile devices.

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  1. yogiabb

    Beautiful photography as usual John, I think the skill level has gone up over the years.

    In middle school, I remember at one track meet nobody could do the high jump so they flipped coins to see who was going to win the trophy.

    The family is headed to Big Cedar Lodge for our first ever time this weekend for a couple nights. We are really looking forward to it.



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