Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday

Recently I opened the local high school app to see if there were any sports going on that I could photograph. As we near the end of school, these opportunities are getting scarce. The composite schedule showed that the girls Lacrosse team was playing in a tournament at home. I’ve never been to a Lacrosse match but that won’t stop me from grabbing the camera and heading to the local venue. I still don’t any of the rules of the game but it is apparent that the match is basically hockey on grass. Here are a few images of the home team (in white jerseys) earning a 26-3 victory.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Our guest host for the month of May is Mr. John Holton from The Sound of One Hand Typing. Today he has challenged us to build a playlist of 1980’s movie music. I thought that might be a real challenge until a little research turned up a gold mine of music.

Linda Ronstadt has always been my favorite female vocalist and surely she has a movie song to her credit. Sure enough Linda and James Ingram teamed up to produce a beautiful ballad from “An American Tail”.

While I am sure this song will appear on more that one playlist today I cannot let an 80’s movie music tribute go by with out the best Navy recruiting video of all time. You are about to enter the “Danger Zone”

It seems that quite a few of the 80’s “Hair Bands” contributed to movie soundtracks. Journey contributed their biggest hit to the movie “Heavy Metal”. Some have called “Open Arms” the greatest ballad of all time. What do you think?

Some movie songs take on a life of their own outside the music industry. This next, and final entry has become our local high school’s fight song. The Bentonville, Arkansas Tigers adopted “Eye of the Tiger’. Have a blessed week.

Aww…some Mondays Music Moves Me

Aww…some Mondays

Recently I went to a softball game that the.daughter of a friend of mine played on one of the teams. As always, I had camera in hand and you can scroll back a few posts to see the results of my efforts. I went back a week later and before the game one of the parents asked me if I would photograph her daughter in the dugout between the games. Her daughter was a senior, multi-sport athlete, so between the games she put on her letter jacket and I snapped a few images. During the game I managed to capture a couple of action images. I love doing this sort of thing. I get to practice sports photography and the parents get images of their kids that they just can’t capture on their cell phones. Here are the results.

If you know me, you know there is probably going to be a black & white image in the mix.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

The musical themes for the month of May are brought to you by the guest host, Mr. John Holton, from The Sound of One Hand Typing. This first Monday of the month is a free choice week, so I am going to start by honoring the game of baseball and softball with a John Fogerty classic.

May signals the graduation of high school and college seniors as well as the onset of summer. After the Covid infected summer of 2020, many citizens are looking forward to a mask free, more casual summer of 2021. Hopefully we will see the return of days on the water, minor league baseball, and short trips to see family and friends that we haven’t seen in nearly two years. What does your summer plans include? What about the sounds of summer? Have a blessed week.

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Turning 21

The Family went to Disney World in 2003. While in one of the gift shops I captured this image of our middle granddaughter. I thought, “What could define the American child better than Mickey Mouse ears and a large McDonald’s drink. Well on April 16th this young lady turned 21. She is a senior in college and on target to graduate a semester early. Her interest is in sports medicine.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Let me thank the admins of 4M for allowing me to host this month, even with my limited coding skills. For my final theme I have chosen to honor the granddaughter featured above and challenge you to pick songs from artists born in April. Let’s hear what you found. Have a blessed week.

First up is American Idol’s first winner and star. Yes, Kelly Clarkson was born in April. The middle granddaughter is a very well balanced young woman. She has never been a drama queen and takes pretty much everything in stride. She is stronger than some people might think.

Of the four grandchildren Em is the “Old Soul” of the bunch and most resembles an only child. Since I am an only child, we get along great and probably understand each other better than others. She likes country and pop music from days gone bye and has taken a liking to “vinyls”. So in honor of her country tastes I have chosen fellow Okie, Vince Gill, for the next tune.

Our birthday girl has a strong Christian faith and is going on a mission trip later this year. It seems only fitting to close this post with a couple of April born Christian artists. First up is Matthew West making a guest appearance in a Casting Crowns video, “Nobody”. As Christians, we are nobody, trying to tell everybody about somebody who saved our soul.

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday

It was an aww…some week-end. Friday the family took a six hour drive to Magnolia, Arkansas to watch our youngest grand daughter compete in the conference championships track meet. Her specialty is high jump and she competed at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

We arrived at the track at 9:30 and she already had her “Game Face” on. The skies were overcast, the temperature was in the low 50’s with a north breeze blowing…it was chilly. The competition started with twelve competitors and she easily cleared the bar at 5′-0″. By the time the bar was set at 5′-3″ there were only four jumpers left and at 5′-4″ two of them left the fray. The bar was set at 5′-5″ and our girl cleared it on the first attempt. Both of the final jumpers failed at 5′-6″ but our grand daughter had zero misses until then and the other jumper had missed once so our girl is the 2021 conference champion as a freshman!!! Raise the bar!!!

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Well, it’s another free choice week at 4M and I am going to keep it simple today. Our youngest granddaughter’s college mascot is the Muleriders, so in honor of her conference championship performance I give you this.

So, what have you been listening to this week?

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww Mondays

Lucy went to the vet for her annual check up and a couple of vaccinations. Our vet is still offering curb service only, so they come out and pick Lucy up, take her inside and provide the required services then bring her back to the car. It takes about twenty minutes. Her check up was great and she is a slim and trim 17lbs. which is small for a cocker spaniel, but she is only 12 inches tall at the shoulders. I opened the paper work and the vet had written a note “Lucy looks great!!.” Yes, I think she looks pretty good too.

Spring Soccer

It’s springtime in the Ozarks and that can only mean soccer is in the air. We no longer have any grand kids playing high school sports but I still like photographing the action. This image is from a recent girls junior varsity match up. The home team is in black and this day was not a good one for them. Maybe next week will be better.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Well, the honor of hosting April’s 4M themes has fallen to yours truly. It has been said that April showers bring May flowers. I believe there is even a song with that lyric. So today the challenge is to make it rain people. I suppose the first question is, “Have You Ever Seen It Rain.”

Have you ever noticed that rain seems to have a rhythm of it’s own? A thunder storm is different than a spring shower.

Somebody ought to write a rain song.

If you have seen the rain and the rain has a rhythm, and someone has written a rain song, the only qustion that remains is, have you ever sang in the rain?