2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 13

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Last Saturday evening the family attended the high school choral department Christmas concert. It was wonderful. There are over 300 students involved in the program and there is a whole lot of talent. In the last photo, the young man in the center of the top row is our grandson. He is our youngest grand child and this is his senior year. I would encourage you to seek out local holiday celebrations and attend whenever possible. You will be pleasantly surprised.

2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 11

Monday’s Music Moves Me

If you have visited this blog in the past ten days then you are aware that I am in the middle of my annual Christmas Music Marathon. Curious as a Cathy has been kind enough to put a link on her blog and I cannot thank her enough for that kind gesture.

Over the years I typically share some of the ornaments that adorn the trees in our house. Yes, I said trees. This year there are three Christmas trees in our home. Nearly every ornament you have seen so far is on one of the trees. Today I’d like to feature some very special ornaments. These decorations are very simple, but very durable. In fact these ornaments have adorned the main tree in our home for forty-seven years. They were on the first tree my wife and I bought after we were married in 1974.

2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 9

Just in case you were wondering, I provide all of the photographs for my blog. Some are shot on my phone, some with my compact mirrorless camera, and some are taken with my Nikon DSLR. Photograpy has been a hobby of mine for decades. I am still in the intermediate amateur class, but I love capturing images of the world around me. I’ll give you a little more info on the equipment at a later date. The image above was captured with my newly acquired compact Canon M50 mirrorless camera, coupled with a Canon 24mm f2.8 lens.

2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 5

Scripture does not give us the complete story of his reaction, but when Joseph discovered that Mary was expecting, he was advised to quietly dissolve the relationship. Apparently Joseph sought what he thought was wise counsel because he truly loved Mary and wanted to do the right thing and not cause her any harm, emotionally, physically or spiritually. God sent an angel (most likely Gabriel) to inform Joseph of the situation and that he should not be afraid to take Mary as his bride. Joseph and Mary showed great faith and trust in God and each other. One can only wonder how Joseph dealt with their situation on a daily basis, because people are going to talk. After all, it wasn’t his child.