Resurrection Sunday – He is Risen!


For much of society today is Easter Sunday and in many homes the celebration is all about the Easter Bunny. The fact is that today is one of the three most important days of the year. There is Christmas, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. God promised us a Savior and a way to have eternal life. He delivered on that promise with the greatest Christmas gift of all, His only son. In order of have eternal life, there must be a perfect sacrifice for the sin that plagues this world and on Good Friday God again delivered by offering His son and the only perfect sacrifice. Christ told us that He would be in the grave three days. His resurrection not only proved that He was the perfect sacrifice, the Son of the Living God, but showed the world that there is victory over death through faith in Him. God’s love for His creation was the reason for Christ to come to this earth and go to the cross. God’s holiness is what kept Christ on the cross and God’s glory is what lifted Christ out of the tomb to sit at the right hand of the father. I hope that Christ is present in your life this Easter. Have a blessed day.


He Is Risen!

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