Awe…some Mondays

Fun With Filters Featuring Lucy


Lucy and I were on the patio the other day and I decided to snap a photo. This is the original image that I took with my cell phone. It has a selective focus feature that helps blur the background. You have to be pretty quick on the trigger to get Lucy being this still. At 15 months, she is still a pup and while she will lay quietly in my lap for an extended period of time, being outside is a different story.


This is the original image that has basically been converted to B&W then the contrast was increased a little.


Now I’ve added a Nik filter preset with a soft dark vignette at all of the corners.


And now, for the big finish. I went back to the original B&W conversion then added an On1 subtle copper color filter. Next I added a soft white vignette to all four corners before placing the vintage frame around the whole composition.  Honestly, I really like the final image.

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