Awe…some Mondays – Rat Patrol

This year the 50th anniversary of Hot Wheels. Recently Hot Wheels sponsored a car show here. I believe the winner’s car would be selected to become a Hot Wheel car. There were some beautiful cars and there were some great examples of Rat Rods. Rat Rods are cars built to look old, rusty and barely being held together with duct tape and baling wire. The fact is, they are just as well thought out and executed and some of the very fancy looking cars. I love both, but today I will feature the “Rat Patrol”DSC_2714A5x7Web

So who you gonna call when your Rat Rod breaks down? You call Rat Wrecker, of course.



Technically this next rod is not a Rat Rod. It’s a little too clean, but it was one of my favorites. Pin striping is a lost art and this car has some of the best I have ever seen.



I just found this car to embrace the very spirit of a Rat Rod. Take the cab from and old ’30’s coupe weld the truck from a 50’s Dodge Coronet with the largest fins in the history of automobile design and make it look like a  dragster pick-up truck. This is a classic.



There were a few examples of trucks and they were among the most creative. A couple of them were set on “big rig” wheels and custom frames.




My final entry is an example of a classic Rat Rod build.



It was an Awe…some day at the car show. I will post some of the traditional street rods later. Have a blessed day.


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