Awe…some Mondays – Vacation 2018

My wife and I have recently returned from the vacation of a lifetime. We spent 12 days in the Hawaiian Islands. We spent two days on the beach at Waikiki prior to boarding the Norwegian Cruise Line “Pride of America” and taking a seven day cruise around the islands. Upon our return to Honolulu, we spent another three days at Waikiki.DiamondHead

The most iconic landmark in all of Hawaii is Diamond Head. We took an excursion that included a submarine ride and I snapped this image, with my cell phone, on the way back to the beach from the sub. Yes, the water really is that blue. It is the most beautiful water in the world.


While strolling the beach one morning we observed some young people learning how to surf and…


a few who were very proficient at the sport. Standing on a surfboard, on the beach is about as good as I would ever get. My knees and balance would never allow me to look like this young man.

The day before our cruise we took a bus excursion to the North Shore and it included at stop at the Byodo-In temple in the Valley of temples. It is a concrete, non-practicing Buddhist temple. The setting is just spectacular.


After a brief stop at the temple we headed out to a couple of small beaches to see some of the protected wild life. Hawaii is passionate about their animals and you are not allowed to get within ten feet of the endangered monk seal. The green sea turtle is another iconic symbol of Hawaii.



Our day ended back on the beach at Waikiki, having dinner. Tomorrow our real adventure would begin. Aloha!


12 thoughts on “Awe…some Mondays – Vacation 2018

  1. What great shots of a trip of a lifetime. I’m so glad you got to do this. It’s most fun. Hubby and I have been all over these islands. We too did a cruise and it’s a great way to get to most of the main islands.

    Have a fabulous Awe-some Monday. 🙂


  2. Driller,

    WOW, the water really is a gorgeous, deep blue! Did you roast marshmallows over any volcanoes? lol I recall reading recently of a public announcement warning folks to not do this. Can you imagine anyone really doing it? Sadly, there are a lot of people with little brains and no judgment who need this warning. *roll eyes* Thanks for sharing and for visiting!


  3. Your photos are awesome and love the seal and turtle ~ It is a trip of a life time and am grateful to say I was able to go there ~ It is beautiful! ~ What a handsome couple you are !

    Happy Day to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores
    aka (A Creative Harbor)



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