Awe…some Monday’s Music Moves Me


Last Wednesday evening I went to see the local minor league baseball team play. After a week of nearly 100 degree temperatures, the evening was perfect for baseball. The local team is a AA affiliate of the Kansas City Royals. Several of these players will be in the major leagues in a couple of years, so it is fun to watch future stars in action. I took my camera and decided to just photograph  the game from my seat. That meant shooting through the protective netting. You can see a little dark tint in some of the images. On this night the home team won 4-0.


There was some good defensive fielding. Here the shortstop makes a great catch in shallow left field.


Of course everyone likes to see a home run and there is no mistaking the triumphant trot around the bases. Our catcher is the shortest member of the team but he packs a punch in his bat. He has sent a pitch 380 feet over the left field fence and is being congratulated by the third base coach as he heads toward home plate. You can see a hint of the netting that I was shooting through here.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

The theme for this week’s music was very interesting, “2 sign language songs, and same two without”. Inspirational, Christian, Southern Gospel music has been a favorite genre of mine for many years now. Here are two songs that have been signed and then the official videos of each arrangement.

Mercy Me has been a major player in contemporary Christian music for twenty-five years, but it wasn’t until the movie “I Can Only Imagine” was released last year that many main stream moviegoers were introduced to the group. The song “Even If” speaks to the life on the road of any musician that spends months on tour. For the Christian musician that shares his faith through his music, he has to lead the audience in worship regardless of his own life circumstances at the moment. Likewise, our faith is based on where we place our trust, regardless of our situation. The message here is, “Even If” life is hard sometimes, I will still trust in the One who saved me.


Zach Williams is a relative newcomer to the contemporary Christian music scene and his first big single was Chain Breaker. All of us have life issues that are problematic and seem to bind up our life like chains. We just can’t seem to break free of the problems. There is a Chain Breaker and His name is Jesus Christ.


Have a blessed week.

20 thoughts on “Awe…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. I know you love your baseball. Fun to watch future pros too. I’ve not seen a game in years, but used to go all the time. I think it’s my age and those hard seats.

    Have a fabulous Awe-some Monday. I’ve linked you up already, as usual. 🙂

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    1. Minor league baseball is fun to watch at the AA level. While there is a lot of talent and skill on the field, they do remind you that it is young men playing a kids game.


  2. Driller,

    Fabulous action shots and excellent job shooting through the protective netting! I didn’t realize that MercyMe had been around for a quarter of a century. I like both of your contemporary Christian songs with & without the signing. I couldn’t agree with you more. Trusting God despite our circumstances is the hope to see us through the storm and Jesus is definitely a chain breaker. We are a slave to much but with His help, we can overcome our weaknesses. Have a blessed week and thanks for joining the 4M on the dance floor, my friend.

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  3. Is that Cookie Rojas coaching at third? Minor league games are more fun to watch in person that major league. You’re closer to the field and the players play like there’s really something at stake. (Because, there is.)

    You chose a couple of great songs here!

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  4. My granddaughter is a pitcher and she has highschool coaches lookin’ at her.. she pitches I think it was 31 mph… or something like that… all I know is she’s really good at the whole game. Anyway, great job here my friend. You have rocked the house and these are tunes I have not heard today! Great times.. Great tunes!

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  5. Those are fantastic photo captures of those up-and-coming players. We are a Royals fan house…although they have been very frustrating to watch this year! Mercy Me is one of my top favorite bands. Love the video.


  6. I love photographing baseball games. I try to get seats along the first base side so the net is not in the way. With autofocus, the camera keeps trying to focus on the net otherwise so I have to do it manually. You got some great captures.
    Great music also. MercyMe has indeed been working away at their craft a long time and it was nice to see them get some recognition.

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    1. When I go to games for the expressed purpose of photographing the action, I try to sit on the first row just beyond the third base dugout and out of the netting. This allows me to cover close plays at second, third, and home as well as getting the face of right handed pitchers and left handed hitters.


  7. greyzoned/angelsbark

    Hey Driller (I don’t know your name; I couldn’t find it anywhere on your blog here; is that what we are to call you, Driller?),
    FANTASTIC shots from the game. Honestly I wouldn’t have noticed the netting in the photo had you not mentioned it. Those are some nice action shots. What were they taken with?
    I’ve been to a few minor league games here in the Austin area, where the Round Rock Express play (affiliated with the Texas Rangers). My ex is a huge baseball fan and we used to go to the games. We liked taking a blanket and sitting on the berm and eating those great hot dogs and burgers sold there. You’re probably familiar with the RR Express but just in case you’re not, here’s what Wikipedia says about them:

    “The Round Rock Express are a class Triple-A Pacific Coast League minor league baseball team in Round Rock, Texas, owned by RSR Sports (Nolan Ryan, Don Sanders, Reid Ryan) and founded by Reid Ryan, son of Baseball Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan. The team is currently affiliated with the Texas Rangers. Home games for the Round Rock Express are played at the Dell Diamond, a facility that is owned by the City of Round Rock and leased long-term to RSR Sports, who run and maintain the facility. The team is named after the senior Ryan’s pitcher nickname, “The Ryan Express”.”

    Anyway, I really liked your pictures. And I also really liked your song picks. Both of them are appealing musically and both have fantastic lyrics. My church has an amazing music team and they rock the place every week. I don’t believe I’ve heard these songs before so thanks for featuring them. I really enjoyed them and listened to each a few times! Great messages in both!

    Hope you’re having a good weekend,

    Michele at Angels Bark

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