Awe…Some Mondays/Monday’s Music Moves Me

It’s been a while since I last posted updated images of Lucy, our “House Princess”.


Lucy is now nineteen months old, stands about thirteen inches high at the shoulders and weighs in at a slim and trim seventeen pounds. She is a black and white parti-colored American Cocker Spaniel. The parti-color means that she is at least two colors and one of them must be white. Lucy was only ten weeks old and a tiny five pounds when she came into the family.


This is a pretty common pose. She spends a lot of time with her eyes and nose to the ground looking for a new adventure that might be found in a worm, bug, or any moving object. She loves people and other animals. New construction in the area has brought a lot of bunnies into the neighborhood. Lucy will chase them across the back yard. She is very disappointed when they slip under the fence because she just doesn’t understand why they don’t stay around a play.


Lucy has her quiet moments too. After a game of fetch, she will find a cool place to lie down and rest.


Of course with this profile, Lucy believes that she needs her own FaceBook page.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Since our house princess is the subject of the first part of this post, I’ll stay in the gender and switch to female vocalists…female vocalists in country music to be exact. I have a few favorites and I know that I will leave out some worthy voices but here goes. Country music has always had it’s “Queen of Country Music”. That title is currently held by Reba McIntire. It has previously been given to Loretta Lynn and one day will probably be included in any introduction of Carrie Underwood, but the first “Queen of Country Music” for me was Patsy Cline. Her vocals are timeless and there is nothing fake about her sound, Many of today’s male country artists seem to work very hard and a fake country drawl and singing through their nose while many of the female artists jump at the chance to add a pop sound to their arrangements. Patsy was pure country without any window dressing. I could post a dozen songs by her but I will limit my choice to a song that defines country music of the 50’s. Female vocalists often sang about broken hearts and this one is one of the best ever.

While she crossed over and became a classic rock legend, much of Linda Ronstadt’s early music had a definite country sound to it. Linda is probably my all time favorite female vocalist. She could sing any genre of music and the unique Ronstadt sound. Linda is one of only a handful of female vocalists that can take a classic country song that was originally recorded by a legendary male country artist, Ray Price, and make it her own.

Next on the list is my second all time favorite female vocalist, Trisha Yearwood. Like Ronstadt before her, Trisha can sing the phone book and make it a hit. If you have never heard her Christmas Album (The Sweetest Gift) then download and give a listen to “Take a Walk Through Bethlehem”. I think I like Trisha because I can hear the Ronstadt influence in her music but her voice is just pure and simple and can cross over into any genre she chooses.

And yes, the last female vocalist on my list is CarrieUnderwood. A small town Oklahoma girl went to an American Idol audition and wound up being a super-star. While much of her current sound has a pop flavor to to it, her country roots shine through and her inspirational songs that have been featured on the CMA awards are jaw dropping, standing ovation master pieces.

Yes, I know I have left out  Tammy Wynette, Reba, Dolly Parton, Martina Mcbride, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert and others, but I think these four are may all time favorites and space just doesn’t allow for me to include everyone. Have a blessed week.

20 thoughts on “Awe…Some Mondays/Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Driller,

    Lucy is a purrty girl and so photogenic!

    Patsy Cline was phenomenal! “I Fall To Pieces” is probably my favorite song by her. I had forgotten about Linda Ronstadt being a country singing chick. While I’ve certainly heard of Trisha Yearwood I don’t think I’m familiar with many of her songs. I will have to check out her Christmas albums. Carrie Underwood…I enjoyed her early career but along the way she lost that specialness in her vocals and style. She seems too overproduced in most things I hear anymore. Thanks for sharing the dance floor with the 4M gang and have a blessed week, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have to agree regarding Carrie. She has fallen into the trap of over produced arrangements in hopes of gaining cross-over hits. That’s one reason I have fallen back into some of the 90’s country music stars like Trisha Yearwood, Brooks & Dunn, George Strait & others. Thanks for stopping by this week’s offerings.


  2. XmasDolly

    She is adorable! I love her and she’s about Charlie’s age, but a bit younger. I can see why she’s a princess & she’s a cocker spaniel, correct? Anyway, luvin’ all your tunes! Patsy Cline OH MY GOSH, I haven’t heard her in forever.. awesome! When I was in my hubby’s band (I sang & played keyboards) and I sang a lot of Linda Ronstadt, but believe it or not I’ve never heard of this one “Crazy Arms”! WOW! Now the next one Trish Yearwood lordie haven’t heard from her or about her in a long time. She had one heck of a voice.. one why she’s not out touring or something… and How Great Thou Art as performed by Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill is a total favorite of mine! What a heck of a voice that girl has on her… and her range is phenomenal! Great pickins’ my friend… I had to play your last tune twice. Once for Carrie & once for Vince. ~hehe~ Okay gotta go get new brakes on my noisy car… hugs and keep rockin’!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Trisha (Mrs. Garth Brooks) currently carries a full schedule with her own cooking show , on the Food Network. She can occasionally show up as a guest at a Garth concert but life on the road is probably in her past. “Crazy Arms” was a surprise to me as well. I’m sure it was on an early Ronstadt album but never really rose in the pop charts. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed week.

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  3. Such a beautiful girl!

    I’ve always enjoyed Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn as well. Reba is pretty good, and Carrie is alright, but Patsy and Loretta will always be the Queens of Country to me. Thanks for joining in #MusicMovesMe today!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Patsy Cline is definitely the queen of country music. Linda Ronstadt is amazing. She started out country and went over to rock and then did a number of things including the music of Mexico. I really admire artists who change and follow their heart instead of the predictable and profitable. Such a tragedy that she cannot sing any longer but she still has a great heart and is helping younger artists in their craft.

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    1. Ronstadt’s voice was truly a gift and a tragic loss to Parkinson’s Disease. Still, she contributes to the rising careers of others who aspire to make music their life. In my world, she is the Queen of Folk Rock and the most versatile voice in music in the 20th century.


  5. Patsy Cline – died so young; what a pure and awesome voice she had. Linda Ronstadt had such a talented voice and could sing in any genre. I was not aware of her early country-like career. A voice stilled by Parkinson’s (an illness that took one of my first cousins last year), I so enjoyed this early song of hers. Carrie….loved her so much on American Idol. Trisha – good, too.



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