Awe…some Mondays – Monday’s Music Moves Me


Any day with Lucy in it is an awe…some day.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

This week the theme is songs/artists with animals in the title name. As a child of the 60’s the first thing that popped into my head was “The Animals – House of the Rising Sun”! BOOM! The Animals were on the first wave of the British Invasion of the early 60’s. The Beatles led the assault and were soon followed by the likes of Chad & Jeremy, Herman’s Hermits, etc. But it was The Animals that brought an edge to the music from across the pond and paved the way for groups like The Stones.

Speaking of the Stones, another song comes to mind…Wild Horses.

A blast from the past and the early days of rock n roll gives us the Everly Brothers and “Bird Dog.”

Now we head out to sea where we find a swimming predator, “Barracuda” by Heart. Have a blessed week.

33 thoughts on “Awe…some Mondays – Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Driller,

    Lucy is a sweet looking girl. 🙂

    Great tunes from yesteryear! In my opinion, these never go out of style and are some of the best tunes! Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed and boogietastic week!


  2. These are all absolutely fabulous choices. I didn’t know them all, as I grew up in the 90s and 0s and wasn’t that much into pop music then either. I love House of the Rising Sun though.


    1. I was always a little more open to a wider variety of music than some of my peers. There was a time when you would find Cream, Led Zeplin, Steppin Wolf, Emerson Lake & Palmer, as well as Santana, Creedence Clearwater Revival, and James Taylor in my collection. Just a wild and crazy guy, back in the day.


  3. greyzoned/angelsbark

    Hi Driller,
    I love the way you started your post off, with a photo of you and Lucy. She is adorable! That’s a great picture. Her sweetness sure shines through in the photo. She looks like one of my dogsitting customers who was just here last week, Toffee, a King Charles Cavalier spaniel. Lucy looks a little bigger though. Is that what breed Lucy is?

    Great songs here today Driller. That was a fabulous performance clip of Eric Burdon and the Animals doing one of their best songs. I really like the keyboards in this song.
    The Stones “Wild Horses” is one of my favs.
    Heart’s “Barracuda” reminds me of the time I was called a barracuda. It was early in my career and I had received a promotion and was being transferred to the Washington DC office. The head honcho told my new boss that he was sending “a barracuda from Buffalo” down to her. I never knew quite how to take that… haha.
    I think I have heard the Everly Brothers song before because it rings a bell. But I sure enjoyed spending the time to really get into it. A very fun song. I think it’s going to end up being an earworm for a bit. I keep hearing them singing “He’s a bird-dog” in my head…

    Enjoy the rest of your week,

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. Our Lucy is an American Cocker Spaniel. Yes, they are typically taller and some are much larger than a Cavalier. However Lucy weighs about 17 pounds, which is small for an American Cocker. Glad you enjoyed the tunes. Next week we will take a trip to the psychedelic 60’s.


  4. My Mom had an Everly Brothers 78 (am I dating myself) of Wake Up Little Susie. Meantime, I fell deeply in love with House of the Rising Sun. I was too young to realize what the song was about. I could hear it over and over without ever getting tired of it!



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