Conquering the Gauntlet

Soo…what did you do last week-end. I got the yard mowed, took care of the two grand-dogs and hung out around the house. Our youngest granddaughter decided to “Conquer the Gauntlet” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Conquer the Gauntlet is a timed event that is four miles long, laced with twenty-five obstacles and multiple changes in elevation and water hazards. It is not for the faint of heart and is a favorite activity of many serious cross-fit enthusiasts. This ladder run is something that I remember from basic training in the Army. The granddaughter is the one on the ladder on the far right


No gauntlet race would be complete without a few water hazards. They also serve to cool down the competitiors. Again, the youngest granddaughter is on the far right.


Over the course of the four miles, every muscle and fiber in your being is tested. There is a vertical wall to scale and there is this inclined obstacle that is conquered by means of a rope.


Lexi has been working with her dad at cross-fit as a means of staying in shape for spring track and soccer. This was the first time she has ever competed in this type of event. How did she do, you ask. Well she finished 2nd in her age group. Did I mention that she is 16. She finished 13th among 1600 women contestants and she finished 72nd against all 2600 male and female participants. Somehow the phrase “tough as nails” comes to mind. Have a blessed day.

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