Awe…Some Mondays…Music Moves Me

Awe…some Mondays


What is so Awe…some about this building you ask. When we moved to Northwest Arkansas in 1987 I worked about a block from this structure. It is a gas station, probably built in the late 40’s or early 50’s. The white porcelain panels were the preferred exterior for all modern gas stations of that era. By 1987 the gas pumps were gone and the only service available was tire repair. The building was in pretty rough shape. The tire repair business closed around 2004 and the building sat vacant ever since. The other day I drove by the place and the little structure is getting a new life! The right side of the building was originally the office and the left side was two service bays. I can’t wait ’til this place opens and I get to celebrate the new life. I love these little gas stations but they are disappearing because they are small and not useful for very many types of businesses in this day and age. I think they have done a great job of rehabbing this place and I just hope the food is as good as the design. Are there any successful re-purposed buildings in your town?

Monday’s Music Moves Me

This week is an open choice week so I thought I’d bring another one of my favorite genres of music to the party. I like the blues and I like blues guitar and there are several great musicians out there. The classics like Leadbelly, John Lee Hooker, and Buddy Guy are in a class by themselves. Then there are the rockers turned blues musicians, like Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana. Finally there is the new kid on the block, so to speak, Joe Bonamassa. Joe has been playing since he was five and has been playing with the best in the business since he was 12.

My first selection is combines two of these talented gentlemen, Joe Bonomassa and Eric Clapton playing Further On Up the Road. Enjoy.

Eric Clapton has been a rock/blues musician since the mid-sixties. He was the lead gutairist/vocalist in bands such as Blind Faith, Cream, and Derek & the Dominoes. One of his most popular numbers is Layla and is usually played as an electrified rock number, but listen as he slows it down into an acoustic blues classic.

A personal favorite of mine is Delbert McClinton. Delbert actually toured with the Beatles to provide the harmonica for songs like Love Me Do. I believe that he eventually taught John Lennon how to play the parts. I like a little rasp in my blues vocals and Delbert is just the man for the job.

Blues and Country music have one thing in common, much of the music is about lying, cheating, stealing, and broken hearts. No blues post would be complete without a little BB King.

17 thoughts on “Awe…Some Mondays…Music Moves Me

  1. Have you heard the album “Rhythm, Country & Blues”? It’s a project where they paired r&B singers with country singers, and it’s amazing just how well everyone does together. Good choices!


  2. Kim

    LOVED the Clapton/Bonamassa and B.B. King selections. I’ve always loved B.B. King because he and I share(d) a birthday. I always thought *I* was awesome because of that. Just stopping by via Monday’s Music Moves Me!


  3. I love to see old buildings repurposed. We have a lot of empty real estate in our town and I think it’s sad that they sit vacant. Thanks for starting the week off with some great music.


  4. Driller,

    I’m with you, I love old building get a breath of new life. I can’t wait to see what becomes of this place! A jazzy repertoire to kick the week off! Excellent selections to get everyone boogieing on the dance floor. Thanks for joining the 4M gang, my friend. Have a tunetastic week!



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