Awesome Monday

I know, I’ve been out of pocket recently and not posted nor visited any of you the past couple of weeks. My schedule was busy with other activities. The young lady pictured below is our oldest grand daughter and she is about two years old when this photo was taken.


A little over a week ago she became this young lady.


The dream is real and she was the prettiest and happiest bride I have ever seen. Yes, I’m partial. I have no images of the ceremony or reception. I put the camera down and tried to focus on being Grandpa (Papa) for a change.


It was a beautiful ceremony that celebrated marriage and honored the One who created  us and blessed our lives with marriage. These two are perfect for each other.  Have a blessed life.


11 thoughts on “Awesome Monday

  1. Driller,

    I hope the very best for the young couple. If they keep God at the center of their lives then they’ll stay on track despite the bumps they run across. I now see why you haven’t been blog hopping lately. Family before cyberlife as it should be. Have a good week, my friend!

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