2018 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 10

It seems that most small communities have a Christmas parade and ours is no different. Ten years ago the grandkids were young and we drove the short distance downtown to see the parade. In 2008 it was a particularly chilly morning. The two younger granddaughters bundled up and took their front row seats to wait for the floats and festivities.


Meanwhile, their little brother had been invited to ride on one of the floats. He was one of several “Elf on a Shelf” characters. He loved every minute of the ride. As you can see, he spotted me with the camera very quickly.


This year one of these granddaughters is in college, the other a junior in high school and their little brother will be 6 feet tall. Only photos can preserve the moments and inspire the memories.

6 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 10

  1. yogiabb

    Yep, photos are wonderful, especially older photos, especially great photos by the grandfather.
    Have a great Sunday!!
    Oh, yes, Martina Mcbride is one of my favorite singers.

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