2018 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 23


As children we made a Christmas list. Mine was never complete until I had worn out the pages of the Sears and Montgomery Wards Christmas catalogs. Once our list was complete the anxious anticipation of the arrival of St. Nick began. On Christmas morning, after a sleepless Christmas Eve, I would venture into the living room to see what had be left under the tree for me. As we grow older our list gets shorter, but often more expensive. At some point our list fades and giving to our children and grand children become most important. In this day and age, many would truly like to see a change in the hearts of the people.  We would like to see people give each other love, kindness, respect, and peace. There is only one true source for all of those gifts and that source is a Savior. Before we can truly give these gifts we must receive the gift of forgiveness and love from the One who loved us first and loves us most. Those who have experienced these gifts will spend an eternity with the creator and one day they will be able to sing Hallelujah!

4 thoughts on “2018 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 23

  1. yogiabb

    We lived out in the sticks when I was a kid and we also wore out the Christmas catalogs looking them over and over. Catalogs are something else I miss. Browsing the web is not the same thing.
    You can’t beat Pentatonix!!

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