Aww..some Monday’s Music Moves Me


It’s indoor track season!!! The youngest grand daughter, seen here, is lost in her thoughts preparing for her first high jump competition of the season. I love watching and photographing high school sports, so indoor track season is the beginning of my winter/spring photo activities. Here’s is hoping for a great season ahead for this young lady.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Last week the theme was Elvis and music by other artists of his era. I chose only one Elvis song done by another artist. This week is your choice, so I think I’ll stay in the fifties and recall a couple of artists that I liked during my late pre-teen years. My music tastes have always included songs just outside the mainstream.  The first album I ever bought was Ray Charles, “What’d I Say”. I followed that purchase with his classic album, “Modern Sounds in Country & Western Music”. Here is the title song from “What’d I Say”.

I was also a fan of the Everly Brothers. This duo put out some classic sounds and their harmonies are priceless. “Wake Up Little Susie” tells about a date that lasts a little too long. Simple tunes for simpler times.

While Elvis may have been “The King”, there was another hearthrob that could be seen every week on the Ozzie & Harriet situation comedy television show. For several seasons their youngest son, Ricky Nelson ended almost every episode with a song. Here is one of his biggest hits from the era.

That wraps it up for a glimpse into the past. see you next week.


12 thoughts on “Aww..some Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. The Everly Brothers did a lot of songs by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant, including this one. The Everlys and the Bryants were almost as a symbiotic relationship as were Dionne Warwick and Burt Bacharach & Hal David.

    Ricky Nelson almost styled himself after Elvis, and I understand Ozzie wasn’t too happy about that. Still, Ricky was almost as big a heartthrob, and they both had great guitar support (Scotty Moore with Elvis and Jame Burton with Ricky).

    Great tunes today!

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  2. Driller,

    A taste of some mighty fine oldies here on the dance floor! 🙂 The Everly Brothers lived in Knoxville in the early 50s and caught their first big break thanks to a family friend, Chet Atkins (coincidentally, DH’s second cousin’s wife is related distantly to Chet). 🙂 The city is constructing a memorial park in their honor on the west side. Ricky Nelson had such a beautiful voice! “Traveling Man” released the year I was born. Thanks for joining the 4M crew! Have boogietastic week, my friend!


  3. XmasDolly

    Dude of dudes, sorry I ‘m not commenting until now, but I had therapy and then I just was feeling up to par. Do forgive me. I’m luvin’ all you tunes though I must admit. Listened to them a couple of times while I was crocheting this evening. You sure know how to pick them. I can remember my mom & dad use to watch the Ricky Nelson show all the time & my older brother had many of his records that he played on his phonograph along with the Everly Brothers. I use to sneak down the basement stairs and watch my brother & his friends jitterbug at his parties. ~hehehe~ I just admit thought Ray Charles’ tune What I say is still a favorite of mine! Great pickins’ my friend! Thank you for playin’ along and jump jivin’ with us.



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