Not So Wordless Wednesday


Sunday afternoon at church, the Trail Life boys held their annual Pinewood Derby. It is like a scale model soapbox derby. The fathers and sons build the cars to certain specifications and go racing. This year I volunteered to help any youngster who came from a single parent home or was without a father for some reason. A 10 year old young man was assigned to me and we built the neon green spiked racer on the right.


Registration started at 3:00 pm and it didn’t take long for the pit area to fill up with racing machines. There were those built for speed and those built more for show.


Certainly the most clever design was the Star Wars “Walker”. The legs are simply the base for the car to  rest. The upper section with the wheels lift off of the base and go racing. This car was not the fastest in the field, but it was certainly one of the most popular.


The cars were divided into age groups, plus an “Outlaw” class. The outlaw cars were allowed to have additional modifications and anyone could enter, so I put together the TIGERS machine. These outlaw cars are built for speed.


So, how did these two first-time racers do? Well the neon green machine finished 4th in the young man’s age group and the TIGERS Wedge finished in the middle of the outlaw pack. I’ve already got a few ideas for next year’s outlaw machine because you’re never too old to go racing! Have a blessed day.

14 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. How fun. I would have loved to watch these races. What a wonderful thing you did for that young man.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a blessed Wordless Wednesday, my friend. 🙂

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  2. yogiabb

    Good for you helping out a boy that otherwise might not have participated. I loved the pinewood derby when Logan was that age. I put a lot of science into the project. As a hydraulics engineer I knew that aerodynamics was of limited value. Mainly one had to make sure that they were right at the weight limit, the axles on true, cut down on wheel friction as much as possible, and not make the front end too light. Wait, don’t listen to me!! We never finished in the money. But we had lots of fun. I loved the outlaw division especially.

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