Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww Mondays


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Monday’s Music Moves Me

The theme this week includes the words smoke, alarm, battery, and charge. For me the first tunes that popped into my head were “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” and “Smoke on the Water”. While the word battery is neither in the title nor the lyrics, my initial reaction to the prompt was “Start Me Up”. My mind drew another blank when trying to think of a song that featured the word charge. So I resorted to word association. Charge implied positive/negative which implies electric and that can only mean one thing… Electric Light Orchestra, right? Alarm left me in a similar place…so there was a group called Strawberry Alarm Clock back in the  60’s. I guess that will have to be close enough. Here we go.

Let’s start with alarm. Strawberry Alarm Clock was a group straight out of the 60’s hippie movement, except they didn’t look like real hippies and their music was a little too clean and contrived to be true to the true Haight-Ashberry crowd. You younger readers may have to look up hippie movement or “flower children” to  get a better idea of what I am talking about. For lack of a better description this group might be classified as “Bubble Gum Hippie”.

Okay, let’s get back to smoke and some more serious music. Deep Purple projected an image much closer to the hippie/Woodstock crowd. Their music was also on the edge of what was described and heavy metal.

A group that has been active, popular and legendary in rock music for over 50 years is The Rolling Stones. They were among the first groups to put a hard edge to their songs. The Beatles were still in their boy band phase when The Stones came on the music scene. They started life as a cover band playing blues songs from other artists like Chuck Berry so their early music always had a little more bite to it than the Fab Four.

ELO’s biggest hit might be “Don’t Bring Me Down”, but while going through some of their catalog I found “Rock and Roll is King” and I really like it, so you get both today. Have a blessed week.

29 thoughts on “Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Double your pleasure, double your fun. So adorable.

    Love all the tunes. Nice.

    I’ve already linked you to Awww Mondays.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. 🙂

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  2. I used your first two songs (it will publish early Monday morning) so it appears that great minds think alike. (I so love “Incense and Peppermints” and husband is a big Deep Purple fan.) Neither me nor my husband were familiar with the last ELO song although he “recognized it from somewhere”. You stumped him! Have a great week! Before I leave, want you to know I have been having problems commenting on your blog using Firefox (my normal browser of choice). I finally figured out it works better on Chrome and I have no idea why.

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  3. Well, Dude of Dudes you have definitely rocked the house! I used one of your songs also…. yes great minds do think alike. I kept saying awwwww why didn’t I think of that??? Dang, dude you’ve got it all together for sure!!! Plus you TOTALLY ROCK!!! Hugs and have a great week! Thanks for joining us! Hugs!

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  4. Driller,

    Great selections. DH and I were talking about how furtastic ELO was in the day. I’m glad you got to thinking outside the box for this theme coming up with these great song picks. Have a boogietastic week & thanks for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor, my friend!

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