Aww…Monday’s Music Moves Me



“I need a belly rub in the worst way.”

Monday’s Music Moves Me

The theme for this week at 4M is to feature instruments that made an impression on you and that can include a vocal instrument. I mentioned in an earlier post that there was a time in pop music that instrumentals made the top 40 charts. One of the first songs that I remember really impressing me was the “Twangy Guitar” of Duane Eddy and the song, Rebel Rouser. The video I have chosen includes a bonus song, “Ramrod”. You can hear the essence of early rock and roll in these songs.

The early 60’s gave us two new sounds, the British Invasion and Surf Music. While the Beach Boys were the kings of surf, one instrumental made it to the charts…Wipe Out. The song featured two instruments that move any rock ‘n roll enthusiast, drums and guitar. No garage band was worth it’s pay unless they had a song that featured a drum solo, but the Ventures took it to the next level and…look, it’s a drum duet.

While this song features a typical guitar bridge in the middle, it was the opening notes from the classic Hammond B3 organ that got you out of your seat and on to the dance floor. Post game dances in the high school gym were a regular part of Football Friday Nights in the ’60’s and the bands had to have that Hammond B3 and must play an extended arrangement of Louie, Louie of at least 10 minutes. It was a sock hop anthem. For those of you who may be wondering what is a sock hop, the gym floors were maple wood basketball courts and the school officials didn’t want dirt and grime from street shoes damaging the finish. So, you had to remove your shoes when entering the gymnasium for the “Sock Hop”. You’re welcome.

Staying “lost in the sixties” for my last instrumental I will feature a rock music legendary guitar player. The single biggest event in the history of rock ‘n roll was Woodstock. Billed as three days of peace, love and music, some the the greatest bands in rock ‘n roll got their first major public exposure here. One group featured a guitar player that has become an icon in rock/blues circles and is still performing better than ever. The group bore his name, “Santana”. Have a blessed week. Rock on!

20 thoughts on “Aww…Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Some great, great, music here. I’m too young for sock hops but these songs were right in my growing up era. Oh, did we annoy adults with our drumming renditions of Wipeout on desks – maybe that’s why I have problems with my right arm now, lol. Rebel Rouser – a song I haven’t heard in so many years – thank you for finding it for us. Santana – going to play at the 50th anniversary of Woodstock which is not anywhere near where the original event was and this (almost) wants to make me want to go.

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  2. Livestreaming the 50th anniversary of Woodstock would certainly be a statement about how the more things change, the more they stay the same! And about how technology grows exponentially.

    Great choices, and i would willing rub that belly for several minutes in a row at least.

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  3. I’ll give you a belly rub. Anytime you want. Adorable.

    I love Wipe Out the best. I’d not heard that in a very long time.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday, my friend. 🙂

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  4. XmasDolly

    Holy Cow, my brother use to play that song on the guitar Rebel Rouser. WOW! Got me a bit teary eyed my friend & then you post wipe out, which my brother also played on the drums. He was more of a drummer… in a band that’s what he did. My brother plays with the big stars in heaven now. Sure do miss him. Oh my Louie Louie… bringing some high school memories now! WOW That’s an old one for sure, but did you dance? We use to do the Jerk to this one! hahahaha OH MY GOSH, IS THAT SANTANA???? WOW! ~snicker~ He sure looks different, but talent of abundance for sure. I didn’t know he was at Woodstock either! GREAT JOB my friend! Totally awesome! Have a great day…. YOU ROCK!

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  5. yogiabb

    You have some classics here. I remember during music period in 7th grade we harassed the teacher constantly for Wipeout. I am sure he got sick of it. And Santana, here’s a guy that has stayed current for decades. I didn’t know that he played at Woodstock!!

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  6. Santana has just gotten better with age. He’s going to be at the Walmar AMP this summer, but I don’t think my schedule and the ticket prices are going to allow us to go.



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