Not So Wordless Wednesday

Texas Hill Country – Part II

Last week I shared photographs from a road trip my wife and I took into Texas Hill Country to see the wildflowers in bloom. The adventure took us into a number of smaller towns and cities in the central part of the state. A few of these municipalities were county seats, that is, the place of the county government. Besides wildflowers, these Texas towns are famous for their courthouses. Most are built out of Texas limestone and are beautiful pieces of architecture set in the rugged landscape.



Llano, TX


Marble Falls, TX


Johnson City, TX



Waco, TX

Of course, if there is a county courthouse, there must be one of the original Texas “bed & breakfast” places that is by invitation only…the county jail.



These structures were built with the same flair for design as their courthouse counterpart. All  of these structures were built between 1875 & 1899. It is not unusual for the daytime temperature in hill country to reach 100 degrees in the summer and there is no shade, so these little architectural jewels were not some place you would want to spend time for violation of the law. Have a blessed week.

24 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh how fun. I would have love to tag along with you and your wife during this wonderful adventure.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful buildings! They all have a very strong character to them that makes them stand out in a unique sort of way. Thank you for sharing them with us. Happy #WW and a great rest of the week too!

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  3. XmasDolly

    I have never seen bars in front of a door like that. All jail houses should do that for sure. I love all the structure on the court houses. As it should be. Thanks for sharing my friend. I’ve never been to Texas! Have a great day!

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  4. yogiabb

    When I lived in Texas I built pipelines all over the state and had started on a project to photograph all the courthouses and they were almost all beautiful. I think I got to about 25 or 30 before I gave up. I think there are well over 200 counties in Texas.
    Central Texas seems to have the grandest. In fact they have a great deal of civic pride and their hospitals and schools are first rate. Their jails, they look good but I’d sure hate to spend some time in one of them.

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    1. Some of the ranches in the Hill Country have entrance gates that are worthy of a photo essay as well. I am sure we will return to this area one day and explore additional towns. This was one of the best vacations we have ever taken.



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