Aww…Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww Mondays


“One of these days I’m gonna be a show stopper!”

Monday’s Music Moves Me

This week is a free choice week at 4M so I am going to wander off of the dance floor and into the inspirational genre of music. Inspirational music can mean a lot of different things to different people. One could stay in popular music and say that Old Blue Eyes recording of “My Way” is very inspirational. Others, including some sports teams, might declare that “We Are The Champions” by Queen is the ultimate inspiration for conquering one’s adversaries. I choose Christian music for my inspiration. My preference is Gospel and the Hymns of the Church. Many of the hymns are inspired by verses from the Bible and music is one of the best ways to memorize Scripture.

In times of trouble people turn to all types of resources for strength, perseverance, comfort and inspiration. Regardless of the situation that I find myself in, I only need one thing. Just give me Jesus. He will provide everything else.

One of the early hymns I learned was Blessed Assurance. Even most Christians have spent time doubting their salvation. The truth is, if one has truly repented of the sin in their life and sought forgiveness from the only one able to forgive that sin, salvation and the gift of eternal life is available. That doesn’t mean that we won’t disobey and disappoint our Creator, nor does in mean that we have “fire insurance” and are free to do do whatever we please. It simply means that if one has sincerely sought eternal life in Christ, it is available.

Life provides many choices and there are a multitude of avenues that I can travel, but there is only one way to arrive at the throne of the King of kings. Given the choice and using scripture as my GPS, I choose to travel the Holy Highway. It is not a super-highway. It is a narrow road and is filled with ups and downs, but it is the only road that leads to the throne of grace. Have a blessed week.

24 thoughts on “Aww…Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Yes you are and you’re a huge Awww. Cutest pup ever.

    I love all the gospel music. I always do.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, my friend. 🙂

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  2. Marie Moody

    I love finding out where people go when they’re not here and I’ve been down your road before many times and probably will go back as often as I can. Meaningful tunes such as these lift me up as well as my mind and my heart. I’m at that place in my life where I travel it quite often because I’ve had five children and one has passed on, and now I have ten grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. I’ve been divorced twice, but I think I’ve finally got it right now!!! My parents and only brother has passed on and leaving me alone in this world. Also, I’ve been left alone and being the baby of the family and coming from a huge family (as far as relatives), I don’t like being left alone. It depresses me very much & don’t know how to deal with it. Aughhhhhh sometimes I talk too much so sorry! Have a great day! Maybe I shall come back tomorrow when I have my head on straight! hahaha Big HUGS

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    1. Gospel music and the hymns are proof that God continues to be at work in the lives of people through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. They put their testimony in words and set it to music that speaks to others in time of need. Glad you enjoyed these offerings. Have a very blessed week.


  3. Driller,

    Jesus is all I need. He is my anchor in this life. I loved how you said it doesn’t mean we have fire insurance to do whatever we want. That’s absolutely right. While I don’t like being in the judging business because that’s God’s job, when I see someone doing things that I know that they shouldn’t all the time then it does cause me to question if their heart is legitimately right with God. But, that’s between the other person and the Lord. All I can do is pray for that person and leave the rest to Jesus. The Holy Highway is very narrow for sure which the Bible tells us. Too many people want to please themselves instead of the Lord. I know I’ve disappointed Jesus on many occasions but all I can do is to look to Him for help to be a better person for my mistakes. Thanks for sharing such beautiful songs of praise and inspiration to empower me at the start of the week. It’s great having you on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

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  4. Awww! Such an adorable puppy! You’re right – cocker spaniels really are fun to love on! My best friend in high school had one I adored. 🙂 LOVE your gospel tunes – my dad always sang along (off key) to the tapes he had of the Bill Gaither Trio, and Blessed Assurance is one that is sung regularly during the musical portion of church (and always a favorite of mine). Thanks for the uplifting inspiration! Have a blessed week! 🙂

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