Wordless Wednesday

Happy Thanksgiving



Like many of our holidays, Thanksgiving as evolved into a celebration of food, sports, family & friends. The day is more about celebrating than focusing on the core of the holiday. Of all the American holidays Thanksgiving is the one day that we have the opportunity to be thankful for all of the blessings that this great nation enjoys and be mindful of the source of all blessings. First we can be thankful for another day on this planet. It is absolutely awe inspiring to think that God spoke this universe into existence and we are given the privilege of living on planet earth and in the United States of America. Consider all of the places in this world where you could have been born and raised that have never been at peace, never been able to feed the population, never had adequate health care, and never had the freedom to choose the direction of ones life. Many of us believe we are the masters of our own destiny, when in reality, we had no choice in our gender, who our family is, where we were born, what native language we speak, the color of our eyes or hair, our height and the list goes on. We do have a choice in our relationship with our Creator and Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity to pause and simply say, “Thank you Lord for all that you have done.” Have a blessed day.

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