2019 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 12


Have you ever read a story, seen a news article, or witnessed an event and wonder what  you would do in the same situation? Would you react differently that the person or people in the story? What about Christmas. If you were in the area surrounding Bethlehem on the first Christmas eve and the news that a Savior had been born, how would you react? Would you rush to the site and worship the newborn King or would you simply observe the reaction of others, or do nothing? Every day we have the opportunity to invite the King of kings into our life and give Him control of our future. He promises to give us the best future possible, victory over death and eternity spent in a place prepared just for us praising and worshiping Him.

4 thoughts on “2019 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 12

    1. When I try to put myself in their position, I have to remember that they didn’t have millions of copies of the scriptures for everyone to read. It was a far different world.



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