2019 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 14


As the gifts begin to appear under the tree, excitement begins to build. Which gifts were chosen with care especially for me to bring joy to my heart. The greatest gift of all is the gift of eternal life, chosen by God and presented through the birth, life, death, and resurrection of His Son. God has chosen the hearts of men to be the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit until Christ returns to gather His bride, the church, and spend eternity with us. When we fall in love with the Savior we give our hearts to Him and trust Christ with every aspect of our lives. In turn, He gives us a peace that passes all understanding and promises to be with us every minute of every day. We are not promised a life free of trials, burdens, heartaches or pain, but we are guaranteed the final victory over death and the grave. We are promised eternity in the presence of God spent in a place where there will indeed be no more sorrow, no more tears and no more suffering. It all began in a manger in Bethlehem with a Holy Child that Chose the Hearts of Men.

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