Not So Wordless Wednesday


So…whatcha been doing since we have all been advised or ordered to shelter in place?  I suppose there are all sorts of options for entertainment that we don’t normally practice when we have movies, restaurants, concerts, and sporting events to attend and satisfy our craving to be amused, thrilled, excited or fed.  I have been working on a couple of photo projects.  I think I have deleted a couple of thousand images from my files that are either bad photos or they have no longer any value in my archives.  The weather has been cold and wet recently so I have only made one photo walk recently but I am taking a couple of online courses, one in photography and one Bible study in the book of Daniel. And, as you can see my wife and I mastered a 300 piece puzzle recently. We talked about what we might do for amusement before everything got crazy and my wife said she has always liked puzzles. Therefore, I went into our local Walmart,bypassed the paper towels, toilet paper, antibacterial soap, and spray disinfectant to get to the toy department and purchase a puzzle.  Seems that no one was hoarding those at the time. Anyway, I picked out a couple and brought them home.  It took several hours over several days to complete the pictured above. I thought we would start with a little easier challenge since this puzzle only has 300 pieces.  It really was beautiful once we completed it. Our next one is 1000 pieces and we haven’t opened that box yet.  Just the cover photo is a little intimidating but I am sure we will unbox the beast and start stretching our brains again soon.  Here is our next adventure in puzzle land.


10 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. It’s fun to do puzzles. I’ve not done that kind in years, but I used to have a puzzle going most of the time. Most relaxing.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday, my friend. 🙂

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  2. smart move getting puzzles! We are enjoying just being together. Lots of things to do today such as baking bread, making Butternut soup, cleaning house and making a baby quilt…once it is done I’ll post it on my blog- love making
    baby quits, it’s like painting with fabric! Take care and stay healthy!

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  3. I have a couple of photography projects to work on. My wife knits baby blankets for many of the new mothers in the church. She has also put together a t-shirt quilt for each of the grandkids when the graduate high school. Quilt number three is very near completion. I will post when it is done. Staying mostly safe and healthy. Have a blessed day.


    1. When I began to tire and my patience would wear a little thin, it was time for a break. The great thing about a puzzle is that there is no time limit for completing it. Blessings from the bunker.


  4. Well, there ya go! I really need one of those for sure. I use to love those when I was little and the dollar store by me has that stuff where you can glue it all together and hang it on the wall. How cool is that. Yours is so pretty. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day. Stay Home!!!!!


  5. yogiabb

    We got a puzzle and put it on the dining room table and have not got to it yet. We have fallen in thrall with Tiger King on Netflix, which doesn’t say much very well about us, but there it is.
    We are hunkering down, we go for outings but not the customary stop for a soft drink or ice cream on the way back.

    Fun times.
    Take care



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