17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. XmasDolly

    Oh this is too funny! Just too funny. My grandson who’s about 28 or 30 I forget, and he said look what I found NaNee (he gave me that name when he was about one, one & 1/2 cuz he didn’t want to say, “Nonna”. Italian for gramma.. anyyyyyyywayyyyy I hardly ever see him and he came with him mommy (my oldest child) & he said, “Look what I found on-line today Nona! It was your little friend and he said, “It’s a skinny lil’ poodle and he shaved certain places, left white curly hair, but the parts he cut and shaved he sprayed black! hahaha and thus your funny lil’ animal! Really odd don’t you think that I would see it here & see my grandson’s lil’ video. hahahaha Too funny! Anyway, shhhhhhhhhhh I’ve been under-the-weather for a few day shhhhhhh cuz I had a shhhhhhh colonoscopy!!! BUMMER! I HATED IT AND I NEVER WANT TO DO IT AGAIN! IT MADE ME MISERABLE! YESSSSSSSSSS MORE MISERABLE THAN I ALREADY AM!!! HAHAHAHA BUT STARTING TO feel better! YAY, ME! Well, hahaha great pic! Too funny & I surely needed that laugh my friend! Thank you sooooooooooooo much! Have a great day and please…….. stay healthy!!! USE THAT MASK!


  2. It is indeed a small world. One never knows who will see our online posts. I found that critter on a shelf at Walmart and photographed him with my cell phone then processed the image in PhotoShop Elements when I got home. I have several other Halloween characters that I plan to share over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.



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