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Monday’s Music Moves Me

It’s Thanksgiving week at 4M and the theme or challenge this week is to put a playlist together that spells “Grateful” I am being pulled in three directions. I could just do a playlist that spells “grateful” and pull the songs from any genre. I could do a playlist that focuses on the One to whom we should be grateful for all of life’s blessings or I could develop a playlist of songs that give a preview of things to come here on Driller’s Place.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and that means the Driller’s Eleventh Annual Christmas Music Marathon will begin on Friday and continue through Christmas day. I do hope you will find time to stop by and view the daily featured video(s) that attempt to focus on the true reason for the holiday celebration. I think I am going to combine the latter two themes to spell this week’s theme.

I supposed I could just post this song and be done, since it is simply titled, “Grateful.”

We have all spent a sleepless Christmas Eve waiting on Santa Claus to arrive or, later in life, playing “elf” by assembling the toys that Santa has left the kids. But when the sun comes up and the kids explode from their rooms, there will be plenty of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

On that first Christmas there were shepherds in the fields surrounding Bethlehem and the angels appeared to them with the good news that a Savior had been born. They left their flocks and went to see the Christ child and when asked how they knew of the birth of the Messiah, their response was, “Angels We Have Heard On High”.

We celebrate Thanksgiving and say we are thankful for all of the good things in our lives, but who should we be thankful to? Psalms 100:4 tells us, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him and bless His name. For the Lord is good.” What should we be be thankful for? Again, the Good Book tells us “…in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for your.” (1Thessalonians 5:18) Be thankful.

I have my Christmas lights on the exterior of the house and the tree is covered in lights. Every light that shines at Christmas is a declaration of the birth of a Savior.

Most of us dream of a white Christmas. There is just something magic about a layer of snow on the ground that makes a Christmas celebration very special. Of course, the whole family participates in the construcion of their own version of Frosty the Snowman.

One Christmas tradition that seems to have faded into the past is mistletoe. While it is still used as a decoration, the idea of having to kiss a person who is standing under the mistletoe appears to have been lost. Let’s revive that tradition. Maybe it will help us be a little kinder to one another.

National news is reporting that there are now three vaccines that are successful against Covid-19! If an emergency approval is granted, distribution can begin in December. That would be a marvelous gift for a troubled world. In the mean time, how ever you celebrate the holiday, just Let It Be Christmas.

Well, there you have it…GRATEFUL in song titles celebrating Thanksgiving and previewing Christmas. Hope to see you here during the marathon. Hve a safe Thanksgiving. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay joyful.

16 thoughts on “Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. A couple of nice surprises here. I really enjoyed MercyMe’s cover of “Rockin’ Round the Christmas Tree”. And, not being a country fan, I also enjoyed Alan Jackson’s song a lot more than I would have expected to. Pentatonix never disappoints, especially their beat boxer. How many of us grew up with Frosty? The Kelly Clarkson duo had a nice beat. This was a nice variety pack -something for everyone.

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  2. Great Christmas songs, but we are still trying to hold off until Friday on Christmas. It is fun seeing all the lights that are already up and running. As for the mistletoe, this is the one year it is good to not have it with the virus. Mistletoe would mean real contact, LOL! Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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    1. This is the only thing I have done that is Christmas related prior to Thanksgiving. I have put up the Christmas lights on the house, but won’t turn them on until Thanksgiving night. My wife has decorated two trees in the house, but we don’t keep the lights on them until after Thanksgiving. We still have a few exterior decorations to install before our official lighting ceremony. I will have photos of those later. And yes, I won’t change my blog header until Thanksgiving.

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  3. I’m sure Miss Lucy had a wonderful nap. What a great shot.

    You did a fabulous job on grateful. This is the week for grateful.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. 🙂

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  4. Awwww Lucy is such a little pretty princess! Thanks for sharing her picture. Love all your tunes today my friend. If I was giving out a blue ribbon you’d win for sure! Naturally I love all the Christmas tunes the most. Thank you for those. Josh Groban is awesome especially around the holidays. Alan Jackson is too, but nobody can beat Frosty, right? RIGHT! So, I want to wish you & yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and may the Lord bless you & your family with good health & happiness always! Thank you for joining us… don’t forget to give your princess a treat Thursday too & a small extra piece from meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! hugs to all!

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  5. John,

    I absolutely love how you worked this week’s theme. 🙂 You not only shared a single “Grateful” song title but spelled grateful out with Christmas mewsic. It took reading your words, “Every light at Christmas that shines is a declaration of Christ’s birth” which made me go WOW! You’re so right. Thanks for opening my eyes to this truth that I think I knew at on a subconscious level and maybe I even thought it outloud at some point but forgot that I did. It’s wonderful having those who share the same faith as I to refresh one’s memories or way of thinking. I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend. I look forward to your upcoming Christmas Mewsic Marathon.

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