Aww…some Mondays Music Moves Me

Aww…some Mondays

Recently I went to a softball game that the.daughter of a friend of mine played on one of the teams. As always, I had camera in hand and you can scroll back a few posts to see the results of my efforts. I went back a week later and before the game one of the parents asked me if I would photograph her daughter in the dugout between the games. Her daughter was a senior, multi-sport athlete, so between the games she put on her letter jacket and I snapped a few images. During the game I managed to capture a couple of action images. I love doing this sort of thing. I get to practice sports photography and the parents get images of their kids that they just can’t capture on their cell phones. Here are the results.

If you know me, you know there is probably going to be a black & white image in the mix.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

The musical themes for the month of May are brought to you by the guest host, Mr. John Holton, from The Sound of One Hand Typing. This first Monday of the month is a free choice week, so I am going to start by honoring the game of baseball and softball with a John Fogerty classic.

May signals the graduation of high school and college seniors as well as the onset of summer. After the Covid infected summer of 2020, many citizens are looking forward to a mask free, more casual summer of 2021. Hopefully we will see the return of days on the water, minor league baseball, and short trips to see family and friends that we haven’t seen in nearly two years. What does your summer plans include? What about the sounds of summer? Have a blessed week.

8 thoughts on “Aww…some Mondays Music Moves Me

  1. I know you pretty well after all these years and am never surprised by your black and white photography. Great shots of a very beautiful young lady.

    Love your playlist and the Beach Boys are my favorite of this group.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, my friend. 🙂


  2. People always love it when Mom takes photos of their dogs. These days the average person doesn’t see a need for a camera because they can use their cellphone and they don’t realize the difference in quality. Great photos of the girl in her sports environment.


  3. I think you do marvelous work behind the lens. Have you considered doing photography as a paid gig? I think you’d get some business. But, I suspect, you’re like me in that the moment you turn a hobby into ‘work’ then you’re afraid it’ll take away the fun of the hobby.

    May is the prelude of summer and as you reminded us high school seniors crossing the stage to receive their diplomas before marching off to college in the fall. All I can say is this year is vanishing right before my eyes!

    I enjoyed your song picks for this week and am happy to see you on the 4M dance floor, my friend. I apologize if I fell behind last month in visiting you. Honestly, I can’t remember anymore but I tried my best to stay on top of things with 4M. Feel free to tell me I screwed up! You know me, I won’t take it personally and will try to right the wrong. 😉 Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


  4. Alana Mautone

    I enjoyed your set, and your photography. You have a talent for sports photography! “Centerfield” is such a good song, as is “Summer Rain”. Here in my smallish New York State village, minor league baseball will be back in a week or so, 20% capacity for now, increasing to 33% on May 19. Not sure we will go to a game. Actually I’m not sure what our summer plans are. We really don’t want to be part of the mob of people hitting the road and the skies after over a year of mainly staying home. So we’ll see. Enjoy your summer!


  5. Great songs, can’t miss with any of them, and a great photographer. Not only of action scenes but the portrait you did in the dugout is great. I do believe you captured her personality. You have a “Photography Ministry” going on.



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