12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Alana Mautone

    No matter where we live as adults, we always think back to our roots. Where we grow up shapes us in so many ways, no matter how far away we move as adults. I know that was true for me, too.

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  2. XmasDolly

    Ahhhhhhhhhh Arkansas that’s where my last boss moved to and retired at. He was an attorney, and a great guy. I still talk to them via email. Anyway, I have moved again and here’s my link: https://thenewxmasdolly.wordpress.com/2021/05/05/wordless-wednesday-with-xmasdolly/ . Stop by if you have a sec… also guess what my friend! Slap my back and say congrats I’m a “Great Gramma”! Sheesh! How can these kids do this to me. Her name is Ellie (Elliana) & my granddaughter who’s the mama her name is Tatyanna and her other daughter’s name is Daniella. Whoosh!!! How can these kids do this to me. I mean A GREAT GRAMMA? GRAMMA IS BAD ENOUGH… no it’s a good thing we all have a lot of fun. Have a great day my friend!

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    1. I will definitely be stopping by the new site.
      Congratulations on the new title. it’s double edge sword, you’re excited about the birth of a new family member. but can it be that you’re old enough to be a Great grandmother? I was 49 when I became a grandfather and that granddaughter is now married and trying to start a family, so great grandparent hood could be in my near future.
      I like WordPress better than Blogger. I don’t know if it’s the best blogging platform but it works for me.



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