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      1. XmasDolly

        Thanks for stopping by. I really did Monday’s Post, but POOF! It has disappeared yet again. All that work last night & poof! I don’t get it. Have a great day my friend. I’m still looking for a home that likes me. Not to many do these days!!!!


  1. XmasDolly

    Oh my goodness, I forgot to come back!!! I’m so sorry! Anyway, I love this beautiful flower. I don’t know much about flowers, but I do know about bees!!! I’m allergic to bees!!! OUCH! So is my son unfortunately! He got stung one day on the side of his hand it almost immediately swelled. When I was younger I worked 3 jobs all close to home where my children were playing in the backyard (fenced in), or watching TV and the eldest and next eldest watched the 2 younger ones. I worked close to home at that time, and I was fortunate enough to find part-time jobs then. I had a job for each child. hahaha
    I hurried home after my daughter called me and I was there within’ 7 minutes. Good, huh? Anyway Rocky (my son)’s hand was already swollen and I kept him awake by talking or singing. Rocky loved to sing with his mommy! Anyway halfway to the hospital his hand wasn’t the only thing that was swollen… now his forearm was swollen and working its way up. I started getting scared because it was getting closer to his heart. Fortunately, I knew how to drive like a mad-woman and I knew all the short-cuts and I took them… passing through stops signs cautiously and looking for a policeman for an escort me to the hospital, but naturally I did not see one! So hospital is now in sight and I’m calming down more.
    I screeched up to the door & because by now his whole arm was swollen and he passed out. I grabbed my purse and ran around the other side (my lil’ boy was 8 at the time) and his whole arm was swollen by now. I swung open his door picked my child up and turn to run, and the security guard stopped me (while I’m holding my son), and said, “YOU CAN’T LEAVE YOUR CAR THERE”! i had the keys in my hand at this time, and I flipped the keys to him and I said, “Fine! Put it wherever you would like it and flipped those keys to him and turned to run in the hospital. “You want the car moved, be my guest!!! I ran straight through the doors where the docs & nurses were, and I yelled, “I need a doctor and I need one now”, almost at the top of my lungs. This nurse came up to me and told me I’d have to sign up at the desk first, and with anger in my heart I told her cool, calm and collected, “My son is allergic to bee stings and he’s started his allergic reactions. Now if you do not get me a doctor to take care of him I shall scream at the top of my lungs and walk around here until I find one myself. If you want to stop me lets begin!!! She said you need to give our nurse out in front all your information. By now, my patience is wearing thin, and I told her if a doctor doesn’t look at him now, I shall blame you for anything that happens. By the way, did I tell you I work at a law firm? We handle Personal Injury cases, Workers Comp & MEDICAL MALPRACTICE & you shall be the first defendant in my child’s case. Also, enough chit chat I shall find the doctor myself and you won’t like it.
    “ALLERGIC”! Why didn’t you say so said some lady walking up to us (she was head nurse in the ER. PRAISE JESUS A VOICE OF UNDERSTANDING!!! Why hasn’t this child been looked at yet? Ahhhhhh, I’m calming down already. I told her it’s his right arm and I gave him bendryl. She said great let me have him and you go sit down outside and give the girl at the desk all the info needed… I’ll take care of this handsome little guy!!! I’ll be out in a few minutes to let you know the status of his case. THANK YOU JESUS A VOICE OF UNDERSTANDING!!! Ahhhhhhh I’m cool~! So I did… Robert was fine after a shot and his swelling was going down. We were at home just in time for supper. My daughter made peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and cream of tomato soup. Ahhhhh My children are really good kids. I miss my little guys, but now they’re all grown up & have their own lil’ guiys! hahaha
    Have a great day my friend!



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