Aww…some Mondays

Monday’s Music Moves Me

I am having significant issues with trying to access Curious as a Cathy’s website. I keep getting a strange message that says a security risk is involved. I had to wait until others posted so I could get the theme for the day. Turns out that the theme is free choice week and Xmas Dolly is our conductor.

Today is also Flag day, which is probably the most overlooked and under celebrated patriotic holiday in the U. S. A. I do have a flag that will fly in front of our house today but I will resist the temptation to use this free choice post to conjure up additional patriotic songs. Instead, I will wonder into some of my favorite music. Recently I put a stereo system together in the home office. I bought a receiver at a local flea market, scored some great Bose 301 series V speakers from a local online garage sale, and added my own 5 disc CD changer. I think CD’s will follow a similar path as Vinyls. Why throw hundreds of perfectly good CD’s away just because I can bluetooth my music now? I still like the sound of my stereo that fills the room and I still like the music that I have owned over the past twenty years, so I am keeping my collection alive and well. Here are a few of my favorite artists in the collection.

First up is Eric Clapton. I have been a fan of Eric since his days with Cream. He has gone from iconic rock guitar/vocalist to iconic blues guitar/vocalist. His music is ageless. Enjoy.

Next up is a duet. Who would have thought that rocker Robert Plant and blue grass queen Alison Krauss would ever get together for an album of duets. The album is Raising Sand and the song I choose is “Gone, Gone, Gone”.

It seems that iconic artists like duet albums. One of Ray Charles last albums was Genius Loves Company. The album took some of Ray’s greatest hits from his country albums and added a new dimension with a guest vocalist. My choice is Ray and Diana Krall singing, “You Don’t Know Me”.

Well that’s what I’m listening to these days and I am enjoying the trip through my CD collection. Have a blessed week.

21 thoughts on “Aww…some Mondays

    1. No way. This pup is way above my pay grade. It just happens to be a photo of my personal favorite breed,
      American Cocker Spaniel. I just found this one on Pintrest and thought it was an immediate “Awww!”.


  1. I knew that wasn’t Lucy, but so cute. Must cost a fortune.

    Love your playlist. Well done.

    Hubby will put the flag out when he gets up.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, my friend. 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry for the inconvenience of the security risk warning. The SSL expired three days ago and although I have that set to auto-renew, I forget that this step requires manual intervention from my hosting site. As I type this I have them working on it, so hopefully it’ll be straightened out when you try to visit in a little bit.

    I believe you’re right CDs are fading out like vinyl but why get trash something when it works beautifully? My CD player needs replacing so for now I do a lot of streaming. I enjoyed your music picks for today. Eric Clapton is a great way to start things off on the dance floor! Have a boogietastic week, my frien!

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    1. It’s all good now.
      You can pick up a really good 5 disc CD changer at some flea markets. One of the vendors here specializes in electronics. Facebook market place is another good source. Have a blessed week.


  3. OMG I WANT ONE!!! WOW, HE’S JUST TOO CUTE!!! My cousin has 3 cockers now and she treats them like they’re her kids. She’s single & in her 30’s and she swears she’ll never marry because he has her kids now & why should she have some man around telling her what to do & when when she has her 3 adorable kids. hahahaha Well, maybe one day she’ll break. Pretty girl too.. pretty as her puppies… they’re adorable. I’ll get a pic of them & show you one day. Your puppy is adorable too… this one though I knew it was BIG $$$… JUST by looking at it… but gorgeous just the same. Thanks for sharing. My dog got away from me today and a lady driving around from State of Illinois checking out people’s roofs from the storm the other day and if she found damage she would approve it to my insurance company, but fortunately NO DAMAGE! OOOOO lordie! I’m so glad. So looooovvvvveeeeeeeeee Eric Clapton… I love everything he does. This one is one of my favorites, but I am a little tossed because Ray Charles is just a soul friend for sure! He reaches right down to your soul & shows you everything you’ve been thinking of for sure!!! Great job my friend. Totally awesome! You be safe, stay healthy you & yours for sure!!! You’ve really got some great taste in music!!!

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    1. The pup is a Pintrest photo, but I just couldn’t resist posting this handsome little canine. And yes, I am sure his purchase price is north of $2000. Pups sold with full breeding and show rights are typically $1000-$1500, but his blue eye and that Merle coat take the price to a new level.
      Glad you liked the tunes today. I have been a Ray Charles fan forever. The first album I ever bought was Ray Charles – What’d I Say. He will always be on of my very favorite artists.


  4. Alana Mautone

    I enjoyed all three selections, but my favorite (barely won out over Eric Clapton) was the Ray Charles/Diana Krall duo. Very nice to listen to.



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