Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Mondays

It’s Football Friday night!!! Covid kept me from going to any games last year, so it’s been two years since I have photographed a game. Our local team played their first conference game so my wife and I decided to go to our second game of the season. It was Homecoming for our opponent, so the stands were full. I love the high school atmosphere.

We are the visitors in the white uniforms and we spoiled the homecoming by a score of 41-21.

It was our running game that proved to be the difference maker Friday night.

The running game is won in the trenches and we have a very good and big offensive line.


Monday’s Music Moves Me

This week the theme at 4M is to honor National Scarf Day – Songs that express your fashion style or songs about being wrapped up in something physically or emotionally. Hmm… what to do, what to do. While this may not be my fashion style, music taste, nor dance , it worked for MC Hammer. U Can’t Touch This.

I have been wrapped up in something physically and emotionally for 47 years…My Girl! In May 2022 we will celebrate our 48th anniversary.

I’ve been wrapped up in another relationship for over 60 years with my best friend. What a friend We Have in Jesus. Have a blessed week.

24 thoughts on “Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. yogiabb

    Your sports photography skillz are top-notch!!
    Great songs, It seems as though MC Hammer has a mini-revival of his career. I always loved his energy. My Girl is another great song. And of course everybody who loves Jesus loves “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

    Have a great week!!

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  2. I know how you enjoy high school football. I’m so glad you and your wife got to enjoy a game and win too.

    Love your play list. Love MC Hammer. Love Can’t Touch This.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, my friend. 🙂

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  3. I’m glad you’re able to get out to do what you love photograph live sports! M.C. Hammer what a throwback! Ahh, aren’t you the sweetheart. Your wife no doubt had an awe moment when she read this. “My Girl” is a great oldie. That’s just sweet! DH refers to me as his ‘Best Girl’ which melts my heart and always makes me smile. “What A Friend In Jesus” is a fabulous hymnal and it’s great being wrapped in His every lasting love. Thanks for joining the 4M crew on the dance floor, my friend. Have a boogietastic week!

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