2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 13

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Last Saturday evening the family attended the high school choral department Christmas concert. It was wonderful. There are over 300 students involved in the program and there is a whole lot of talent. In the last photo, the young man in the center of the top row is our grandson. He is our youngest grand child and this is his senior year. I would encourage you to seek out local holiday celebrations and attend whenever possible. You will be pleasantly surprised.

11 thoughts on “2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 13

  1. Nothing like a great choir and nothing like having a family member in that choir. Such fun.

    Love your playlist. This is the best place to be for Christmas music.

    Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. 🙂

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  2. Alana Mautone

    Nice pictures, as always. Your grandchildren are all making you proud – how wonderful. The High School my son went to has a strong music program, too. They don’t have a Christmas concert program at the high school that I’m aware of but the choral group performs Christmas concerts at various church and secular locations around the community.

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  3. XmasDolly aka Marie

    Ooooo I never heard that tune by them. Merry Christmas Baby… yep, gonna have to add this one to my Christmas tune list. I have tunes I’ve gathered over the years and I play them while I’m wrapping presents. Wrapping presents in my household is all up to me, and with 10… ooops new one this year so that’s 11 grandbabies and my four children and their spouses, and then there’s always my hubby and “Charlie” (our black lab who’s our baby here, hehehehe) I have lotsa presents to wrap. So God bless you and yours and thanks for my early Christmas present… a new Christmas tune to add to my list! ~hehehe~ MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend… to you and yours!!! By the way, thought I’d tell you clicking on your name does not bring me here… but you can’t hide from me… hahaha… I gotcha!!!

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  4. yogiabb

    A fine looking young man your grandson is. I bet he is talented as well.

    I’m loving The Imaginaries, they can really sing!! I love their back and forth.



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