2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 26

The annual baking began Sunday afternoon with our daughter and youngest grand daughter joining Nana in the kitchen. By the time you read this the middle grand daughter will be home for the holiday and additional baking will take place. It was decided the Christmas meal will include a smoked pork loin, so I guess I’m the next one up in the cooking challenge.

Much of their efforts were boxed up and sent to friends and relatives in the area.

8 thoughts on “2021 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 26

  1. I hope I get one of those boxes of wonderful Christmas treats. Your girls are most wonderful.

    Love the videos. It’s almost done for the year and I’ve enjoyed it very much.

    Have a fabulous day, my friend. 🙂

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    1. The boxes were reserved for friends of the grandcrew. I’ll see what I can do about next year. Yes, this year’s marathon is quickly drawing to a close. Only a few more days. I have photos left over that I will have to wait and use next year. The songs just keep coming. I was amazed at how many new-to-me songs I found. Have a blessed celebration.

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