2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 3

Are you a day dreamer? Do you catch yourself dreaming about trips, grand events, how things would be different if you were in charge. If you were given the task of providing this sinful world with a path to eternal life in paradise by paying the price for the sins of this world, what would your plan look like? As God, would you step down from heaven, enter this world as an innocent infant, live a sinless life, then sacrifice your life as the only acceptable payment for the sin of everyone who will ever live and call on your name for forgiveness? The Old Testament tells us this is what God had determined He would do and the New Testament gives us the account of how He accomplished the task.

Who could have dreamed such a night? God does things that only God can do.

Because of that night and the plan that God put in place, I can begin each day by singing, “Good Morning Mercy.”

This Christmas Music Marathon will feature a new post every day through Christmas. Have a blessed holiday season.

7 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 3

  1. God certainly had designed a plan that only He could see through to the end. A perfect gift for someone unworthy as me to take as my own. All I had to do was accept it which is free to all mankind. Great music choices for the Christmas season and the way you presented your content it a great double for this week’s 4M theme, grateful. I’m grateful which I’m totally am for all the Lord did for me one Christmas long ago. Have a boogietastic week, my friend!


  2. yogiabb

    Your blog is the place to go for listening to fresh new music sung by people I’d never heard before. The songs and the singer are great.



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