2022 Christmas Music Marathon Day 7

As I said in an earlier post Christmas is all about family, friends, and faith. It has always been a special time when the whole family could get together. Now our grand kids have grown into young adults and scheduling is sometimes an issue. I know it will get more difficult as time passes, so it is important to cherish the times we are together and the memories we can make.

The Christmas of 2005 was special because it snowed about 6″ on Christmas Eve. We were at my wife’s parents house so I got up early Christmas morning, walked out the back door and all the way around the house to get this photograph before any footprints appeared or snowmen were built. It is a family favorite image.

We have lived in three homes during our thirty-five years in Northwest Arkansas and I have decorated everyone with lights for the holidays. I may get them installed the first week of November but, like this marathon, the lights don’t come on until Thanksgiving.

6 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Music Marathon Day 7

  1. yogiabb

    A true architect you are, taking care of all the details., walking around the back of your parents house to get the shot and what a great photograph it is. A classic house with spotless snow.

    White Christmas is my go to holiday movie and has been for years. It took me years to figure out that they screwed up a scene on the train.

    Those songs are tinged with nostalgia.

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