6 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 19

  1. Lucy looks extra-festive.

    Excellent music. That first one, how astounding he sings all the parts! Our choir director can sing soprano, alto and tenor but he can’t hit bass notes to save his life. It’s quite unusual to be able to do that.


  2. yogiabb

    Lucy is a dog for all seasons!!
    That low bass song is great. I don’t think I have heard a lower base than that.
    And the Church of Latter Day Saints Tabernacle Choir certainly brings it on any song they sing.


    1. The bass singer is Geoff Castellucci and he sings in the group VoicePlay. He has also released a number of solo videos where he sings all four parts. Check out Sixteen Tons and Ghost Riders in the Sky. You will be amazed.



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