2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 24

Every time I read Scripture, I learn something new. Of course I’ve been reading the Christmas story lately. The account of the birth of Christ is found primarily in the second chapter of Luke’s gospel. However, there are details associated with His coming also recorded in the first chapter of Matthew. Luke tells us of the visit to the manger by the shepherds. We know that the shepherds visited the infant Savior while he was still in the manger from the account in Luke. We are told that the found both Mary and Joseph with the baby (babe, infant) still lying in the manger. This would imply they came to the stable within twenty-four hours of the birth of Christ.

Matthew tells of of the visit from the three wise men from the east. We assume three visitors because of the three gifts presented to the family. However, further study reveals that these were wise and wealthy men. They had been studying Old Testament prophecy and watching the stars. They were skilled in astronomy. There was most likely an entourage with these visitors. They probably traveled with people to care for their camels, someone to prepare the meals, and someone to set up the camp each night. We also know that they found Jesus some time after his birth. We know this because Matthew refers to Jesus as a child at the time of the visit from these wise men. Remember, he was a baby when the shepherds came to see the King of kings. This makes perfect sense. Mary and Joseph probably spent several weeks in the Bethlehem/Jerusalem area before heading home to Nazareth. After all, Mary needed time to recover from giving birth to her first born son.

So the Birth of Christ and the initial spreading of the Good News that the Messiah had come was not just a one night affair. The Bible tells us it happened over a period of time and men are still spreading the good news that Jesus saves. Have a blessed Christmas.

3 thoughts on “2022 Christmas Music Marathon – Day 24

  1. yogiabb

    I have to admit that I was well into my adult years before it was explained to me, and backed up with scripture as you did, that the wise men didn’t show up on the night of the birth. My whole life it had been implied, and sometimes explicitly stated, that they were there that night. Think of all the nativity scenes with the three guys with crowns on. Shows you the value of Bible study with knowledgeable leaders.

    That Phelps guy really brings a lot of passion into his songs. Almost a rock and roll feel to them.


  2. We’ll never know the entire timeline on this side but i agree. It makes perfect sense for them to stay in Bethlehem, near Jerusalem, at least for the first 40 days so they could go to the Temple for Jesus’ dedication and Mary’s purification.

    Because of the possible “gossip” with her pregnancy back in Nazareth, they may have simple settled in Bethlehem and planned to stay when fleeing to Egypt became necessary. On the way back, perhaps they wanted to go back to Bethlehem, but it says Joseph was concerned about Herod’s son taking over. Where’s the logical place to go? Back to Nazareth, where you have family, and hope it’s been enough years that you’ve lived down the gossip and can just settle in and raise your family.



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