Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww Mondays

This week I can cover two themes at once. It is Aww Monday so I am supposed to post an image that makes the viewer go “Aww-w-w” and the theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is songs that celebrate Pet Owners Independence Day which is supposed to be a day that pet owners are able to just lay around the house and the pets are supposed to try an bring home the paycheck. Use songs with these in the title or band name  dogs, cats, birds, or pets in general. Lucy is in luck, both of us are retired so there is no job to go to. Okay, here we go.

This is Lucy’s baby picture. She was 10 weeks old and just over 5 lbs. when we brought her home. Lucy is a Christmas baby, born on December 24, 2016. She came home to live with us in March of 2017. Every day is a better day with Lucy in the house.

Her first favorite toy was this duck. She would fetch it and play with it until those baby teeth finally chewed a hole in the binding. Lucy is about 6 moths old here.

At 5-1/2 years of age, Lucy is mature young lady that loves everybody, loves to go get the mail, and still loves to play fetch. She is one Awesome dog!!!

Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday

As Pooh would say, “It was a cold and blustery day in the hundred acre wood”. Thursday I went to a local high school track meet to photograph an event for a friend. It was overcast with temperatures in the upper 40’s and a north wind gusting to 30 mph. In fact the high jump and pole vault events were canceled because they could not keep the cross bars in place.

The upside to a track meet is there are multiple events happening at the same time so you always have something to watch. The downside is there are multiple events happening at the same time so it is impossible to see or photograph every event. When your two favorite events are at opposite ends of the stadium, you can be a very busy person. Fortunately the high jump was canceled so I could focus on the triple jump, or as I like to call it “Hop, Skip, and Jump”. It takes far more coordination than I have to be successful at this event. My friend has a foreign exchange student who competes in this event so I settled in at the long jump and triple jump pits. Here are a few images of the event.

Here is the hop
Here is the jump

Monday’s Music Moves Me

It’s another free choice week at 4M. I am going to dig back into the archives and find another great female vocalist from the past. I believe that the 60’s & 70’s produced some of the best pop, rock and country female voices ever recorded. Previously I named Linda Ronstadt as my all-time favorite in this category, but lets not forget about Rita Coolidge, Carole King, Ann Murray, Grace Slick, Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton, Emmy Lou Harris…and the list goes on. One of my favorites was Bonnie Rait.k Not only can she sing, she can shred with the best of the blues guitarists. Get ready to Boogie.

Have a blessed week.

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday

It’s springtime in the Ozarks and Lucy is ready of a long walk and a game of fetch.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

This week the theme at 4M is unique, Songs about birthdays or other celebrations, and including a Led Zeppelin song in honor of a family member’s upcoming 70th birthday . Happy birthday to whoever is celebrating number 70!

Well, let’s get right to it and start this 4M post with a Led Zeppelin song.

Love is something to celebrate and finding your one true love is truly worth singing about.

Freedom is always worth celebrating in song and dance.

How about and encore from Led Zeppelin?

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Our youngest grand daughter is a college sophomore and is on a track scholarship. Originally she only competed as a high jumper and won the conference championship as a freshman. This year she has added the long jump to her competitive events. Last week we made the six-hour drive to see her compete. It is always a special time when we get to see the grand kids that are now away from home.

Go High!
Go Long!

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday – Still Trackin’

Monday’s Music Moves Me

It’s a free pick ’em week at 4M. Last year I put together a budget stereo system from flea market and FaceBook Market Place finds. I included a turntable in the system to that I could return to listening to the vinyls that I enjoyed as a young adult. I sold my original collection decades ago, so I have set about to build a new library of sound. I have Elton John, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Linda Ronstadt, and the Stones in my current collection. I have also rediscovered Rita Coolidge. What a pleasant listening experience.

Aww…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

Aww…some Monday – Spring Soccer

I love photographing soccer. It is one of easiest sports to access for photography. I can walk the sidelines and nobody cares. Fall football requires press passes and restricted areas. Some baseball and softball venues have no good locations to set up a cameras while some track and field events pose some difficult lighting situations. Spring soccer is here and the local teams are now in action. Here are a few images from the most recent girls contests.

Monday’s Music Moves Me

This week the theme at 4M is music from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Pick a decade or mix them up. This era is right in my wheel house. I was a pre-teen in the fifties, graduated high school in 1965, and married my best friend in 1974. There was some awesome music during this period, so let’s give a listen to some of my favorites.

I didn’t really have a deep interest in music in the fifties. I was a pre-teen and playing baseball was much more interesting to me than playing records. I do remember watching American Band Stand and one act that always got my attention was the Everly Brothers. Their music was a cross-over from country. I found their harmony much to my liking even in this very early video.

The sixties brought the British Invasion, Surf sounds, Flower children, MoTown, Acid Rock, Folk Rock and so much more. I don’t know that I can pick a favorite genre from this era and it may go down in history as the golden age of rock music.

The seventies may be best known for Disco, but Hard Rock, Soft Rock, and Soul music were all popular, and outlaw country found an audience with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and others.

Boogie on ya’ll!! Have a blessed week.