The Journey Begins


Well, I am testing out a new location for Driller’s Place to reside. Like most changes in life, there is a learning curve and I never could hit a curve ball. This is my first attempt to use WordPress and I am using the free version so I don’t know what features I am missing with one of the paid options. At any rate, I will use this free version until I get comfortable with the whole process. I may make the decision to return to EBlogger. I will definitely be at EBlogger for a while, until I get comfortable with this site and the posting process here. I am sure that posts on this site will be sporadic, at best, until I make the final decision to either move to this location or stay where I am. Any input will be welcome.

6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. When you open the reply, your header is awesome. I just keep tinkering and each day things get better. This is such a better way to blog. I’ll add this blog to my feed.

    Welcome to WordPress, John. I’m finally using your first name. Was always afraid to on your blogspot blog.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂


  2. Thanks so much for dropping by today to listen to my ‘love songs’ playlist on Monday’s Mewsic Moves Me. When I first started blogging it was with Blogger and after a few years of running into problems with that platform I jumped ship. Maybe the biggest issue has I had the freebie version. I don’t know. When I moved to WordPress I went with Arvixe as my host site upon a friend’s recommendation. I’ve been with them since 2014. You do get a few extra perks with the paid version. has a comparison on their site and you probably do live chat to see which package is best for your needs. You’ve been blogging for awhile, so I don’t think you’ll have trouble making the adjustment. If I can help, feel free to ask away and I’ll do my best. Have a good week!!


  3. yogiabb

    Nice, sometimes I wonder if I should have gone with instead of .org but I did what I did. There are lots of nice blogs on dot com. I just didn’t trust ole google to continue blogger but I miss it sometimes.


    1. I think one reason I haven’t made the switch is the difficulty in turning loose of something I’ve had for ten years now. Blogger has been very good and I have a minimum number of complaints, but I think there may be options here that I would like to explore, especially in one of the paid options.



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