Awe…some Mondays

Spring is in the air and for me that means photographing soccer, track & field, baseball, softball and any other sport I can find. Yes, I like photographing flowers, people, landscapes, wildlife and nature, but my first love is capturing sports images. That’s because the grand kids have always been involved in sports. Our oldest granddaughter played soccer and ran 200 meters in track. Our grandson has played baseball and basketball. The middle granddaughter was involved in dance and now is a student trainer at the high school. The youngest grand daughter plays soccer and competes in the high jump on the track team. Sooo….you will find my camera and me at some sporting event a couple of times per week during the spring.


Photographing the grand kids sports gives me an excuse to brag on their achievements. The youngest granddaughter is a sophomore in high school. Recently she finished 7th in the high school state indoor track & field championships. There were between 30 & 40 competitors. She will continue now in the outdoor season. There will be a few times when track and soccer schedules conflict and she will have to make a difficult decision.

The high school soccer team is the defending state champion and they have won this title multiple times in the past decade. She is on the junior varsity this season. Last Tuesday evening the JV team played a double-header and won both matches. Our granddaughter, white uniform,  scored two goals in each match. My wife and I did not make it to the first match, but here are the goals from the second contest.



After getting past the defender, the shot found the lower left corner for the first goal of the match.


A few minutes later the ball is passed to her and she splits the defender and goal keeper. There is no way this shot is not going into the back of the net.


Once again the lower left corner of the goal becomes the final resting place for the ball. The final score in this match was 2-0 so the granddaughter did all of the scoring. Okay, I’m through bragging now. This season has the potential to be a lot of fun for the family. Stay tuned, spring sports has just begun.

Note that you can also find me at Driller’s Place on Blogger. I am still testing out WordPress to see if I will move over here permanently. So far I like it. Have a blessed day.

6 thoughts on “Awe…some Mondays

  1. Really nice action shots of your grandkids. – I miss Coleen playing sports but now with her bad knee she can’t do sports right now. – You should be proud of their accomplishments. Way to go.


  2. MNL

    love watching the story play out of the goal. Maybe do a pingback to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge for Story? Even though Tuesday (today) is the last day for the “Story” prompt, people are still posting and viewing.



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