Awe…some Mondays


Last week I was back at the track for another local high school meet. Every venue is different and the opportunity for photos varies with the event. After checking out a few of the event locations, I decided to try to capture a couple if images of the hurdles. I like events with props. The hurdles really add to the interest of the photos in my humble opinion. My legs are too short to make it over those obstacles with any speed or grace, but these guys make it look easy.


From a strictly photographic viewpoint, the pole vault is my new favorite sport. There is speed, strength, coordination and an obstacle to overcome. It is a great event to photograph, regardless of where your viewing the competition.


For me there are three photos to capture the excitement of the event. The first photo captures the bend in the pole as the athlete begins to launch skyward and the bar is in sight. The second image is at the peak of the vault and one hopes that the competitor doesn’t touch the bar on the way over.


This is the peak of the jump when viewed from the runway side of the vault. The last image is not available and that is the release of the pole and knowing that the vault has been successful.


The most interesting place to photograph a running event is at the corners. If it is the 4×100 or 4×200 relay race, the excitement is greater because that is where the batons are passed and the opportunity for success or failure hangs in the balance.


No track meet I photograph would be complete without an image of the youngest grand daughter competing in the high jump. Again, speed, strength, skill, and overcoming an obstacle are all a part of the competition. Have a blessed day.

13 thoughts on “Awe…some Mondays

  1. yogiabb

    That first image is awesome! It captures the speed, intensity, and competitiveness of the race. I find it inspiring. I love how you capture women athletes competing very hard. When I was in school, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and the earth’s crust was still cooling down, I remember our middle school coach telling us how he was constantly being told by the school management to not let the girls train too hard or they wouldn’t be able to have babies later on. I’m so glad we have moved way past that.


  2. My high school years predate yours by at least a mellinium. Sports were for boys only. There was no girls softball, basketball, or track. Soccer was unknown and swimming was limited to a synchronized performance team for girls. Only the guys played competitive sports. Times have changed for the better in this arena.



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