Not So Wordless Wednesday

Fun With Filters

Whenever the weather prevents me from getting out and shooting new images or when my schedule doesn’t allow me to capture some new material, I will often just pull out some old images and give them a new look through the magic of PhotoShop Elements and a few add-on filters from Nik or On1.

As an architect in my former life, I am fascinated by the ornate brickwork done from the turn of the 20th century and continuing into the mid 1940’s. Everything from modest homes to impressive commercial high-rise buildings were draped in beautiful masonry. It seems that a mason was not only a trade, but a craft populated by artisans.


This building is found in the small community of Okmulgee, in Northeast Oklahoma. It’s about thirty-five miles south of Tulsa and about ten miles north of my birthplace in Henryetta.  I like the combination of cast stone and brick. While color images give one a true image of the structure…


There is nothing quite like black & white to bring out the soul and character of the design. Here I used a combination of two filters from On1, which is a free add-on package to PhotoShop Elements. This detail is centered over the main entrance. Meanwhile…


over on the corner of the building is this handsome minaret. Like automobiles, most new buildings are truly more energy efficient, better constructed structurally, offer better lighting, and are safer that those of bygone days, but they simply don’t have the soul that details like this give to the design.


And black & white only adds depth to that soul. Have a blessed week.

22 thoughts on “Not So Wordless Wednesday

  1. Cool building, love the color. How are you liking WP? I’m glad it was 75 by you but we are having a legit winter storm complete with “thunder snow” right now. Crazy, gonna take some photos from the porch.


  2. yogiabb

    Beautiful work here. The work seems almost organic. I wonder how much of current buildings will stand the test of time.



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