Skywatch Friday

More Fun With Filters

DSC_0636A8x10WebLast week I posted a few photo edits of this soon to be demolished structure. The previous image was taken from a little different angle. You can scroll down a couple of posts to find the post if you’re curious. I did a few different edits with this image, so here we go.


Using PhotoShop Elements 15, I used a mosaic tile filter then a rippled blur to get this effect. It has a bit of a landscape painting quality to it.


I got a little abstract here. There is a distortion feature available which allows you to get very creative with the image. Here, I distorted the entry and most of the siding. I left the roof line and background pretty much intact. Next I added a watercolor filter and while this does have a watercolor painting feel to it, the colors are still a little too strong to be believable.  Okay, now for a couple of Black & White edits.


I added a tile filter here, then added a pen and ink filter to convert the tones to fine lines. Overall, this reminds me of looking through a vintage screen door.


By removing the tile filter and selecting a very pale gray and and very dark gray as my two colors I used the pen and ink filter to created kind of an aged rendering. This is also the header photo for this post.


Leaving the PhotoShop filters behind I went to an On1 filter called tattered paper gray for this final edit. I really like how this one give a sense of age to the building. I don’t think you can get this with a color image. Well that’s all for this week. See you next Friday with something new and different. Have a blessed week-end.

10 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday

  1. yogiabb

    You are getting very good with this editing thing. I love these old building. Lots of people do, the problem is that none of us want to live in them!! Great find, and I like how you give us your progress on each edit.



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