Awe…some Mondays


Above is just a little something that Lucy and I put together.

It was an awesome week. If you remember the photo below from a recent post…DSC_0776A8x10WebI submitted it to the website, Pixoto. People view photos in head to head competition and vote on their favorite. This image won best photo of the day and best photo of the week in the sports/fitness category. If it should happen to win best of the month, then I will probably enter it in a couple of local fair competitions later this year.

DSC_0963A8x10WebYou may also recall this image of our youngest grand daughter competing in high jump. Well, last Thursday she finished first in a meet, set a personal record of 5′-3″ and qualified for the state championships. I am pretty sure that qualifying for state has earned her an athletic letter in track as a sophomore. Next week she will be competing in the conference championship meet and getting ready for the state event. Have an Awe….some Monday!

10 thoughts on “Awe…some Mondays

  1. Lucy is adorable. They can sure embed themselves in your heart quickly. It’s a good thing.

    Your granddaughter is impressive. I never did that in track, but I loved track in high school. Fond memories.

    Have a blessed day, my friend. 🙂


  2. yogiabb

    An awesome set of photos. Congratulations on winning the photo contest. Turns out the teacher who taught the photography classes I took earlier this year judged the Tulsa State Fair photo contest for years. She doesn’t do that any longer.



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