Almost Wordless Wednesday

2018 Prom


Last Saturday was Prom night at the local high school. Our middle granddaughter, the tall one in the middle wearing the black gown, is a senior this year and will be graduating in a few weeks. One of the popular places for the kids to meet for photos is at Crystal Bridges Museum of Modern American Art. It was a good thing, since the skies turned overcast and it started raining later in the afternoon. The two young ladies in the middle are the girls associate youth leader at church and the wife of the Youth minister. These girls are members of the church student ministry and many have been together since preschool.


Here our granddaughter is sharing a few moments with fellow seniors. They will be going to different colleges next year so time together will be limited after these next couple of weeks.


Then there are the proud parents. Just a note, Emily is wearing heels for the photos so she is taller than her 5′-10″ mom and still a little shorter than her 6′-3″ dad.  Note: the heels came off at prom in favor of sandal. No point in punishing your feet all night long.


And she is the tallest of her siblings even without the heels. The grandson is missing in action here, but she is taller than him as well. He decided a trip with friends to Kansas City was better than hanging out at a prom photo shoot with his sisters.


But she is eyeball to eyeball with her Papa and taller than her Nana. One thing about being tall and slender.


I think it makes for a very elegant prom photo, don’t  you? Well let’s go back indoors for a few final close-ups before the limo whisks them away.


As you can see, Crystal Bridges makes for some very nice, subtle background images. This is one of my favorites.


Well that’s it for this year. Next year the youngest granddaughter will be a junior and we will be doing this all over again. See you then.

20 thoughts on “Almost Wordless Wednesday

  1. A very special time in her life. Rite of passage and all. When she’s off to college things will really change. It’s a good thing.

    You have a lovely family.

    Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. 🙂


  2. yogiabb

    Granddaughter is beautiful and wears that elegant dress well. One can tell that she was a well loved child. You are a blessed man!



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