Skywatch Friday

The skies have been overcast recently, so I thought we might head back to the soccer field to see what is going on. Both the varsity and junior varsity teams are having very good seasons. The varsity is the two time defending state champs and they appear to be headed back to the play-offs again this year. Our youngest grand daughter is a sophomore and plays on the junior varsity, so that’s where 99% of my soccer photos are taken.


Before each match the mood is pretty casual. There are few final words from the coach and a group huddle, then it’s time to take the field and carve out another victory.


As you have probably seen in previous posts, the grand daughter, shown here in the black uniform, is not opposed to a little contact.


Occasionally, one can find themselves being double teamed. Soccer players are among the best conditioned athletes in sports. One is constantly moving and the matches are longer (35 minute halves) than basketball, with no timeouts.  Substitutions are allowed but they are few and far between.


Like baseball, time on the bench is time for a little lighter mood. But when the coach points in your direction, it is time to stretch your legs and prepare to return to the fray.


Back on the field and the contact resumes. There are times when soccer moves from the realm of contact sport and becomes a …


Collision sport. This is especially true around the goal box. Here you can barely see the ball between the foot of the goal keeper in blue and the leg of the grand daughter in black. This time the goal keeper made a great save but there are times when…


The grand daughter, in white this time, delivers the ball and the goal keeper into the net. There are only a couple of more matches left in this season and I will be sad to see it end. But I can look forward to two more seasons of high school “football”.

14 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday

  1. I grew up in the age when sports were for boys only and soccer was not in the vocabulary of any U.S. sports fan or athlete. It is one area of our society that I am thankful that times have changed.


  2. My grandchildren are still toddling out of nursery but I can imagine how proud you must be of your grand daughter playing competitive sport. It’s wonderful to see children indulge in such wholesome activities.


  3. yogiabb

    Great shots, soccer is very popular in the USA. I remember when son played soccer that the shin guards were an absolute must in this sport.



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