15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Actually you’re right. Our former neighbors had a Yorkie and they would play together pretty often. Molly and her family have moved and now there is no playmate next door.


  1. Gonna try to leave a comment again. For some reason I’m having trouble, but I think I might have it this time. So as I was saying I’m about to take a break being as I’m trying to recuperate from surgery. Your puppy is adorable.. my puppy is inquisitive also, but he’s loud when he’s being like that. He’s a Chocolate Lab. Have a great day & thanks for sharing your photo!


    1. For the most part. Lucy is a quiet pup…well, she’s almost two years old, so I don’t guess the tag pup applies any longer. Still, she loves to play, but she is not noisy.



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