Awe…some Monday’s Music Moves Me


2018 High School Homecoming – Junior Year

Fall is in the air, football season is in full swing and that means that high schools around the country are having homecoming celebrations. Our youngest grand daughter is a junior this year. Yes, I know, where does the time go? There is a local tradition for many of the kids to meet at a local park in the after noon for photos. The park is filled with parents, grandparents and hundreds of kids. It is a fun tradition and everyone seems to enjoy it. Now there are several locations that kids and their parents meet so the crowd is a little more spread out than in the past.


It seems that many high school students don’t date the way we did, back in the stone age. Many of them just meet a large group of friends and hang out at the dance that evening. I think they may actually have more fun than we did. Good for them.


The photo session starts with the grand daughter, then a friend is added, then a small group, and finally…


the whole crowd of friends get involved. Oh to have that much energy again.

Monday’s Music Moves Me.

The theme is music featuring unusual instruments. My choice isn’t based so much on the unusual instruments as it is their use. When was the last time you heard a bluegrass band play classical music?

This group performed at our church Friday night and the crowd loved them. Southern Raised is a family bluegrass band that specializes in gospel music. The three sisters and their little brother are all classically trained in piano and violin. However, their love of gospel music and the genre of bluegrass music led them into the southern gospel industry.  Occasionally, they will give a classical number a new sound. If you hear of these young adults playing at a church near you, go give them a listen. You will not be disappointed.

Here is an example of what they do most. Enjoy. Have a blessed week.

15 thoughts on “Awe…some Monday’s Music Moves Me

  1. Driller,

    Looks like your grand-daughter and friends were having a good time in getting their pictures made. I hope the evening was equally fun for them. I think it’s rather wonderful they aren’t taking dating so seriously now like we did back in the stone ages. They need to keep their attention on studies. There is always time to discover one’s soulmate after schooling is behind them.

    WOW, they are simply amazing mewsicians and they can sing, too! I really enjoyed their southern charm. Thanks for the introduction and for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor!

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    1. I like that the kids don’t take dating as seriously as we did, but I have a concern that they don’t learn how to engage and develop relationships as well. Of course electronics and social media have been NO help in that area either.

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  2. greyzoned/angelsbark

    Oh wow, Southern Raised is very talented and so good! I LOVE the violin and it is played flawlessly in that Vivaldi interpretation.
    Their other song is very fun. They really are quite good. I wonder if they ever make their way to Austin?? Some great pickin’ music!

    And your granddaughter and her friends have the right idea: hanging with a gang of friends is so much more fun. There’s plenty of time for that one on one stuff. Because you know how life swoops in and takes these young folks on their each individual paths and who knows when everyone will be together again. Good for them. They sure look like they’re having fun in the photos.

    Thanks for turning us on to Southern Raised. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them…

    Michele at Angels Bark


  3. I noticed the group thing with Logan when he was in high school and I think it is a healthy thing and a lot more inclusive of everybody. I love the hijinks that kids can get into. I think today’s young people are a lot more cognizant of others than what I remember me and my peers being. But hey, It has been 45 years since I left high school.



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